You’ve been feeding your dog wrong

When feeding your dog, do you give in to small dogs eyes and give them a little more?

Well, it can do more harm than good.


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Most dog owners often see these common mistakes, compiled by Vet Street, but what is the most damning mistake you made?

More than half of dogs in the United States are overweight or obese, so be sure to take notes and make a change today, for the sake of your pet.

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Leave your dog’s food outside all day long

Leaving your dog’s food dry in a bowl and letting your dogs eat it whenever they want, then filling the bowl when it’s empty may seem harmless, but it’s actually a serious problem.

Dogs are natural scavengers, which means that they are forced to eat everything they can in the shortest possible time.

Veterinarian of America, Dr. Marty Becker, says that scheduled meal times and food puzzles can help limit the amount of coyote infested with your dog per day per meal.

You give your dog a lot of rewards

The proof is really in the name as rewards must be reserved to receive a reward.

As a training therapy when they respond to commands and learn new ones.

Watch how many puppies you give you in a day as they can easily add more and if they get used to crackers and chews every day, they may lose motivation to do their commands.

To reduce your dog’s food intake, try replacing rewards with other reward options such as petting, games, going outside, and playing.

You don’t measure your dogs food

Remember that you control how much your dog eats while feeding him.

Overfilling your pet’s bowl to its brim or guessing how much they need to eat can be a risky game, too.

Ask your vet exactly how much food he should measure for your dog, but also find out how often your dog prefers to eat each day.

Then get a scoop showing the measurement you need and use it to scoop out your dogs food at mealtimes.

You feed your dog from the dinner table

Even if you think you rarely feed your dog from the dinner table, they notice it every time and remember it.

Many human foods can be toxic to dogs such as grapes, raisins, garlic and one we all know, chocolate.

If your dog asks for food while you are eating, train it to occupy itself or put it in another room.

You are not feeding them the right food for their stage of development and lifestyle

During different stages of their lives, from puppy to adulthood, a dog will need different nutrition.

As your pet gets older, his nutritional needs change and a dog’s diet is very different from that of an older dog.

Sedentary canines that rarely exercise do not have the same nutritional needs as active or working dogs.

If in doubt, ask your veterinarian what to feed your dogs as they will be able to assess your pet’s weight, health and activity level to recommend the most efficient diet.

A personalized diet that fits your dogs lifestyle will make them healthier than ever before.

Everything you need to know as a dog owner

You give them real bones

Giving a dog a bone may be an old saying, but it can cause an expensive trip to the vets.

Even if you buy a bone from poultry, beef, pork, or fish, all real bones are dangerous for dogs.

If a dog eats real bone, the bone can split open and perforate the digestive system.

Bones can also lodge in a dog’s throat or digestive system, causing blood in the mouth or painful tongue injuries.

Be careful if you give your dog meat or fish to remove all the bones because you don’t want him to swallow the bones or hurt his mouth.

I left them the wolf for their food

Some dog breeds such as Labrador’s, Beagles, Bassets, Cocker Spaniels, Corgis (Queens fave) and Bugs are more likely to eat as quickly as they can, making it easier for them to gain weight quickly.

Dogs fed their food can develop uncomfortable gas and bloating, which can be life-threatening.

Try to distract your dog between bites so that he takes longer to eat his food, or give him smaller but frequent portions to fill him up more slowly.

Be careful not to overfill your dog's food bowl


Be careful not to overfill your dog’s food bowlcredit: Getty
Measure how much you give your dog


Measure how much you give your dogcredit: Getty
Maybe you don't give the dog a bone


Maybe you don’t give the dog a bonecredit: Getty

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