Wunghnu gets dog club’s wag of approval

Canine chiropractor Greg Connell and Mia Cooper with Skye terrier Opal. Photos: Georgia Rossiter Photo by Georgia Rossiter

Wunghnu received a big thumbs up from organisers of the Euroa Kennel Club’s championships held at the town’s recreation reserve on May 15 and 16.

More than 600 dogs and their owners from Victoria, NSW and SA converged on the site and Euroa Kennel Club secretary Kathy Humphries said Wunghnu couldn’t have been more welcoming.

Normally held at Longwood Recreation Reserve, the club switcheds after it was deemed a venue no longer suitable for dogs.

“Everyone went out of their way to make us welcome,” Ms Humphries said.

“The refurbished facilities — showers and toilets — were and people could camp, which was just fantastic.”

Ms Humphries said finding suitable grounds for dog shows could sometimes be difficult, as many venues also hosted other sporting events and sometimes groups had reservations about dogs.

Football and netball games are no longer played at Wunghnu, which meant there was more flexibility around the timing of the event.

“Our dog owners are responsible, they clean up after their dogs and they keep them on leads,” Ms Humphries said.

“The facilities and holding people at Wunghnu are fabulous and we look forward to future events there. We’ll also encourage other dog clubs to consider holding their events there, too.”


Sorted into seven categories, the dogs were judged on a variety of qualities, such as coat, stance and obedience, judge Adrian Jones said.

“It’s all eliminations, and the last dog that is unbeaten at the show is the best-in-show,” he said.

Best-in-Show: Australian Shepherd, Aust Sup Ch Ellagant Covert Surveillance (A. Richardson and K. McKinnon).

Toys: Best-in-Group: Pug, Kryptonic Mochizuki (Kim Ryan).

Terriers: Best-in-Group: Kerry Blue Terrier, Aust Sup Ch Legeartis Carte Blanche (Imp NZ) (Rhonda Dearnaley).

Gundogs: Best-in-Group: German Short-haired Pointer, Aust Ch Canawindra Over The Moon (B. and C. Walter).

Hounds: Best-in-Group: Saluki, Aust Sup Ch Crisnick Whiskey On Ice (AI) (Talkabout Kennels).

Working Dogs: Best-in-Group, Australian Shepherd, Aust Sup Ch Ellagant Covert Surveillance (A. Richardson and K. McKinnon).

Utility Dogs: Open-in-Group: Portuguese Water Dog, Uptrend Celestial Navigator (C. Taylor and R. Barger).

Non-Sporting Dogs: Best-in-Group and open-in-group: Poodle (Standard), Aust Ch Poshnoir Reilly Ace Of Spies (AI) (W. Talintyre/J. Turnley and A. Rosell).

For full results, go to: https://www.dogzonline.com.au/

Jenny Clancey with her long-haired chihuahuas Beau and Tinkabell. Photo by Georgia Rossiter

Vivienne McLaughlin and Andrew Twiddy with Cavalier King Charles spaniels Chip and Arwen. Photo by Georgia Rossiter

Anne Lay with Havanese Flirt. Photo by Georgia Rossiter

Jill Simmons with golden retriever puppy Rush. Photo by Georgia Rossiter

Tanya Henderson and Staffordshire bull terriers Sheldon and Missy. Photo by Georgia Rossiter

Michelle and Tony Storey and Afghan hounds Picasso and Paloma. Photo by Georgia Rossiter

Sharnie Digby with old English sheepdog George. Photo by Georgia Rossiter

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