The Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite recalls my dog from childhood. He was a sweet and cuddly puppy however, if you pet him in the wrong manner the dog would bite you. If you were able to figure out how to interact with him, he would be your most trusted friend however, you must be aware of his limits.

The Galaxy Tab A7 Lite has its own way of getting at you. If you try to ask it to perform more than one thing at a time and you start to think that it’s an old-fashioned Pentium II powers it. If you are able to manage it and maintain your expectations There’s plenty to love from this device.

Galaxy Tab A7 The Lite Prices and availability

It is available for purchase at the Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite is available at Samsung and Amazon at $109. The total retail price is $159, however it is often for sale this early during its life cycle. The design and quality of the display are what make this A7 Lite an attractive offering at the current price.

Hardware, design what’s inside the box

In comparison against Amazon’s Fire tablets which are the king of the budget-friendly marketThere’s a distinct contrast between the A7 Lite’s hardware construction that’s on the Samsung A7 Lite. Samsung’s tablet has a striking mixture of aluminum and glass to match the price. Its weight is a premium feel at 366 grams. the buttons that are solid for volume and power match the quality.

On the back, Tab A7 Lite is reminiscent of the original LG V20, both in appearance and feeling. It’s a reminder of the time when all devices were an ice-cream sandwich. Included in the box is a portable charger and USB-A USB-C charging cable.

An SIM device for SIM cards is supplied to allow access to the microSD card slot, that houses the sim card tray in version LTE version. If you’re anything like me, this tool will be added to the collection of SIM card tools that you’ve been gathering in your office since the beginning of the 2000s. However, it’s more beneficial than not having one at all.

The stereo speakers on the top and lower ends of the device do an the job adequately. It’s not the most loud experience however it’s great for the majority of activities. Bluetooth 5.0 is available for all wireless headphones, dramatically increasing the sound quality.

 Our beloved old companion, the 3.5mm headphone jack, can be located just to just to the right side of USB-C, for those who prefer wired headphones.

The design of the hardware is well-known and punches over its weight. The glass and steel structure of the device won’t be a good choice for a toddler who is prone to aggression because I can see it breaking easily. Overall, however the build quality offers an excellent experience for the price of a lower-than-average cost.

Its 8.7-inch screen is the major highlight for the A7 Lite. It’s 720p in resolution, but the five-to-three aspect ratio will make binge watching extremely enjoyable. 

Contrary to this with Amazon Fire Tab 8 Amazon Fire Tab 8 wastes lots of space while watching content. Its black bar is larger and more prominent than the bezels of iPhone SE. iPhone SE.

The Tab A7 Lite makes the best use of its widescreen display. Netflix, YouTube, and Twitch all look fantastic. The display isn’t mistaken for a bright LCD however, the 720p resolution appears excellent on the 8.7-inch area.


The Galaxy Tab A7 Lite comes out of the box running Android 11, but there is an instant update to bring it up to Android 12 with OneUI 4.1. After many years use of Amazon Fire Tabs in this price point, I was pleasantly the full-featured version of Android on the tablet.

Samsung’s policy on software updates promises users that their Tab A7 Lite will get Android 13, 14 and 13 and 4 years worth of updates to security. For the price, you can’t expect more support. The model we tested comes with 3GB of RAM as well as 32GB storage.

 It is available in 3 and 4GB models and 64GB is available on the 4GB model. The expandable storage option on every model lets you increase that capacity to 1TB.

I highly recommend I strongly recommend the 4GB model. The extra gigabyte of RAM can make a an enormous difference in performanceand will make the device more secure to be ready for future OS updates. There is nothing that can slow down budget tablets more than a lack of RAM.


It is important to set realistic expectations in regards to how the A7 performs Lite. Its MediaTek Helio P22 that powers the A7 is able to handle routine tasks, however it can be often slowed when you are multitasking.

It’s not an tablet that can stroll and chew gum simultaneously. Updates, downloads, multiple apps on the go and notifications can result in sudden but severe slowdowns in performance. Apps such as Instagram will require an additional couple of seconds to load content.

Overall the tablet is one you’ll need patience with. As an example, suggest using button navigation on Android and not switching to gestures with swipes to spare your self the hassle. 

The lag can make swipe gestures insecure and annoying, whereas buttons are recognized the majority of the time and can allow you to navigate without suffering from the lag.

Twitch makes great use of the larger display to allow for widescreen viewing. It also offers a clear and crisp experience. YouTube looks fantastic on the A7. Unlike it’s Amazon Fire Tab competitor, it is possible to access the official YouTube app without sideloading.

 I had a great time watching a whole day of streaming videos using The NFL app, and I was able to watch myself. Miami Dolphins have a decent team for the first time in over a decade. If your primary reason for tablets is to stream videos, then it’s the A7 Lite is the perfect device for your needs. The size of the screen and aspect ratio sets it apart from other similar priced tablets.

Gaming is possible on Tab A7. It will perform better to games that resemble Candy Crush, but more graphically intense games can be played. I had fun playing a few rounds playing Call of Duty Mobile. The game will automatically limit your settings to lower graphics in terms of frames-per-second. Do not expect 120 FPS and be ready for a few stutters in the game However, gaming is funand I’ve even made it to the top of the leaderboards!

Life of the battery

Battery life varies depending on usage. It’s the Galaxy Tab A7 Lite features 5100mAh battery. Watching videos and streaming will provide you with about six and an hour of screen time when mixed use will bring close to 10 hours.

I was delighted by the ability to stream for hours on end without worry over battery longevity. The less powerful Helio P22 helps, but the 720p resolution gives excellent battery life, without affecting the experience of watching.

The Tab A7 is charged from 0% up to full within three hours and 45 minutes at 15W. It’s not spectacular but it’s fast enough in this price bracket. This tablet will keep you going for an entire day of use and have enough battery left to wind down with the Twitch stream or a Netflix film.

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