It’s true that the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra has been the talk of the town in the field of Samsung flagships thanks to its note-inspired design as well as S Pen capabilities. The smaller model – Samsung’s Galaxy S22 — makes the more practical and sensible choice for the majority of customers.

Although Samsung’s S22 as well as the S22 Ultra phones look like the previous Galaxy S21 line, there’s more to the improvements that have been made inside than is apparent to the naked eye.

 Samsung might have cut corners in S22 Ultra, but it’s not as bad. Galaxy S22, but it offers a number of significant enhancements over its predecessor. The question is whether those improvements are enough to make you think about changing to the Galaxy S22?

Zachary Kew Denniss from my team has answered this question for people who are who are tempted to upgrade from the Galaxy S21 Ultra to the S22 Ultra. We’ll also see what users of Galaxy S21 Ultra Galaxy S21 are missing out on any benefits.

Pricing and availability

As with all updates for Samsung’s Galaxy brand, the last year’s models weren’t as easily accessible to purchase as new. If you’re looking for the Galaxy S21 or S21 Plus, you might need to search.

 The phones were priced at around $800 when they launched However, you can buy the S21 at a price of $685 on Samsung’s website. Samsung site, and lower if you explore refurbished alternatives. Amazon’s refurbished models start as little at $299, which is the price of an S21.

The S22 is more recent and is more difficult to locate on the second-hand market however, you can locate second-hand models on Amazon at a substantial discount. 

Also, you can go through Samsung to get a great bargain on the S22 in the event that you own an old device that you want you want to trade in. If you’re planning to upgrade to the S21 You could save up to $300 with Samsung.


When you compare looking at the Galaxy S21 and the S22 opposite to one another You’ll find it difficult to distinguish the difference between them. While the overall design style doesn’t reveal the difference but there are some subtle changes on the outside. 

The front glass and sides are softer in the Galaxy S22 phones, probably drawing inspiration from the iPhone 12/13 series. These refinements do indeed provide the phones with a pleasant feel when held.

Samsung tried the use of a plastic back for it’s basic Galaxy S21 last year, but the company had an alteration of its mind this timearound, and launched its Galaxy S22 using a glass back. It’s not just any glass, this is Gorilla Glass Victus+, that’s the one used to shield the display of the 3 S22 versions. The S22 also comes with a new aluminum alloy that’s said to be more resistant to drops and scratches (we’re going by Samsung’s word about it). Although all this protection built into the phone is great for you, this doesn’t be as important when you’re using an one of the most suitable case designs for the Galaxy S22.

High-quality displays, but much smaller

It’s also evident that it appears that S22 has shrunk a bit compared with the S21 phones. This is a great thing to anyone who is seeking smaller Android flagships that are easy to slip in their pocket. The difference between the phone’s size and weight isn’t too significant, though this leaves many in awe of what the reason Samsung has even taken the time to travel to this route. Shrinkage isn’t good news in the case of one of the most important components of the phone, namely the battery, which we’ll talk about later.

Samsung phones have excellent displays. Samsung phones are among the top on the market. In the past few generations Samsung has consistently delighted us with its top-quality displays. There was not much room for improvement in this area however, Samsung has managed to make its display even better, with the highest brightness and a higher peak on S22+. S22+.

The Plus model has the ability to hit 1750 nits with a unique “extra brightness” option that is useful when you’re in the sun’s glare. It’s a huge difference to 1300 nits in Galaxy S22, Galaxy S22, S21, and S21+. The increased brightness can be beneficial in certain situations however it’s not essential or something you’d think is not present, especially when you consider the quality of the Galaxy S21’s screen is. Additionally it’s worth noting that this OLED screens on Samsung’s Galaxy S22 and the S22+ has shrunk in size by 0.1 inches, which is that is so small you will not even be able to notice.

Samsung however did have some controversy over the refresh rate of its displays different from what the initial marketing materials led people to think. The screens on the S22 and S22+ were believed to be able of being able to dial down up to 10Hz (the S22 Ultra can go down to 1Hz) however, it was later confirmed that the phones were able to achieve 48Hz at the lower level — exactly the same as Samsung’s Galaxy S21 and S21+. In essence, the screens are essentially identical, and the ultrasonic fingerprint scanner from the second generation is still.


The Galaxy S22 line uses the same super-powerful Snapdragon 8 Generation 1 silicon (or the Exynos 2200 in Europe). It was fast in all conditions, even when playing games that are demanding like Genshin Impact, and it is able to handle everyday apps without sweating. However, at the same time it was a bit difficult to determine any distinction in comparison to the prior top-of-the-line chip that was Snapdragon 888. Snapdragon 888.

Benchmarks could be able determine the difference however, for the majority of users, the tiny performance boost isn’t worth the effort. There’s not even a handful of applications that make the most of the headroom that the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 offers. Utilizing a Galaxy S21 series phone is just as fast and will be for at least another few years, considering the vast performance headroom that the SD888 comes with. It also doesn’t perform like Samsung’s Galaxy S22+ did in our stress test that tested extreme performance with 3DMark and doesn’t produce as much heatwhich is an issue with less powerful Galaxy S22.

One of the advantages of this model is that the Snapdragon 8 Gen1 is that it has an X65 modem that can support more bands in 5G and has greater signal reception it could be useful in case you’re having trouble getting adequate connectivity for your local area. The S22 also stays S22 in the race with our recommendations for the top five-G smartphones.

What is unique about two models Galaxy S22 and the S21 is their support for software. Samsung has pledged to provide unprecedented of four Android update for the two. Because Samsung’s Galaxy S22 comes running the more recent Android 12 version out of the box, it’ll be supported for one year more. This is a reason to consider the Galaxy S22 if you want to keep it for longer than four years. However, if you switch your phone every year or less than that, then the additional year of support will make no any difference.