When we think of smart home gadgets We usually imagine speakers, bulbs and plugs. But video doorbells and smart cameras are not just a fantastic method of keeping your home secure however, they provide an extra element of control to your everyday life. This Blink Video Doorbell offers one of the cheapest alternatives available with features similar that rival more expensive models that include motion detection and night vision, as well as video recording and automation.

The parent company of Blink, Amazon, is an expert in the use of video doors due to the fact that the subsidiary company, Ring, is among the leaders in the field. Doorbells from Ring are renowned for their price, which is quite high and this could make them less appealing. This is why Blink’s choice is more intriguing. Let’s find out whether it’s worth the couple of dollars.

The Amazon Blink video doorbell comes with all of the features you need without the costly additional features. Since the Doorbell can be wirelessly operated, you are able to connect your Blink doorbell to sound the chime in your home. It comes with an easy mount that you can secure and connect the doorbell to an wireless configuration. It’s also battery-operated and utilizes standby mode in order to conserve battery which means you don’t need to change batteries as often. To get alerts sent to your smartphone it is possible to link to Amazon’s Blink video doorbell with wireless to connect to the Blink app, which is compatible with all mobile devices.

It is strongly advised to utilize it in conjunction in conjunction with the Sync Module to take advantage of the majority of its capabilities and experience faster speed of response. It can also allow you to save video content locally so long as you’ve got a USB drive on hand. You can also join Blink’s Blink subscription plan that allows you to save the video to the cloud, however this doesn’t require some of these features.

Hardware, design what’s inside the box

Blink Video Doorbell Blink Video Doorbell is relatively subtle due to its sleek design and neutral colors of black or white. It’s narrow and tall making it easy to be tucked away close to your door or gate, provided you place it vertically, since you are unable to move the camera.

The camera itself is situated in the upper area of the doorbell. It’s located inside a black square module, along with the IR lights. Just beneath there is a microphone and the doorbell button is located in the lower portion of the item. The speaker is well hidden on the bottom and won’t be evident once the doorbell has been installed.

Blink has done an outstanding job of making the camera safe and simple to install and also facilitating the replacement of the two AA batteries which is expected to happen about once every year, as per Blink. To accomplish it, the camera is secured securely onto a plate and is fixed on the wall using anchors and screws included within the packaging. Additionally, a small tool is supplied to remove it, stopping unwanted visitors from removing it from either the walls or door frame.

However, despite the fact that wedges and corner mounts can be used to put the doorbell in any location, they are available as an extra and have to purchase separately. Fortunately the Blink Video Doorbell is IP65-certified and works from -44 to 113 degrees F as do many of the other doorbells with smart sensors. Blink has considered everything and even provided a diagram to clearly determine where you must drill to get anchors.

Software, setup and other features

Amazon Products are known to be simple to set up which is why Blink is no different. To install the Video Doorbell all you need to do is insert batteries, connect the application on your phone and take a picture of the QR code on the back of the door. The app will guide you through the installation as well as the mounting procedure, and shows the steps needed to accomplish this.

Additionally, it’s crucial to point out that like other Blink cameras this Video Doorbell does not require a Sync Module to function. It is able to directly connect to the Wi-Fi network of your choice. However, you can utilize one to save videos locally, view live video from your doorbell at any point and even preserve battery time. In other words the doorbell will only be used as an entry point for your door.

The doorbell that is hardwired can also let you stream live videos, so that you don’t need a Sync Module in order to do this. But, if you don’t own one and use batteries the doorbell will only function in the mode that Blink refers to as Event Response mode. This is when the camera shuts down and wakes up only when the ringer’s button is pressed.

This is a significant drawback as the camera function that comes with the doorbell will be unusable unless you connect it or connect to a Sync Module and it is important to think about this prior to making a purchase.

The Blink application isn’t very intuitive but it can do the job. When you are in Event Response mode, it can’t perform much, and it will require you to call the doorbell to set the settings. If you use it with the Sync Module or connected wire, the device functions in the capacity of a camera for security which you can arm or disarm using the app at your own discretion or according to the schedule.

In the same way, you can view live stream of who’s at the door. You can also make motion zones so that you are alerted when the doorbell detects the presence of a certain zone. You can also request that the camera take each hour a photo to help you keep track of what’s happened throughout the day.

These features do require the use of a Sync Module as well as a solid wire, there’s no requirement for a subscription to utilize these features. Unfortunately it’s true that the Blink application doesn’t have smarter options, like detection of people or packages however, that’s not an issue considering the price of the camera.

Since Blink comes under Amazon and Blink is part of Amazon, you can utilize Alexa or Echo Shows intelligent displays in order to know who’s knocking on your door. There’s not an connectivity with Google Assistant, so you’ll be able to select a different brand if this is crucial to you.

Audio and video quality

When purchasing a doorbell with a video it is important to consider the quality of the video. is crucial. Blink Video Doorbell Blink Video Doorbell comes with 1080p resolution, which is adequate, at least in the daytime particularly when you consider that the majority of people will be near the camera whenever they ring the doorbell. Don’t expect spectacular colours, since the sky’s highlights are usually burned onto the photos particularly during days with clouds.

It’s not a lot of clarity, but it’s enough to be able to recognize individuals and track what happens to your items such as. It’s particularly difficult at night , as the camera’s lens is facing directly at people and it’s IR radiation is reflective their faces, making it difficult to discern who’s in the room. When the camera is set at an angle the right way, it’s not a problem at night. You are able to alter the IR settings to suit your preference.

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