It shouldn’t be surprise that the majority of us in Android Police are using Android smartphones and Wear OS-branded watches. However, we do are always keeping in the loop on developments in the world of technology and even in Apple the United States. That’s why we wanted to take Apple’s latest, most flashy wearable.

It’s true that the Apple Watch Ultra will not be an option for all people, but it’s a appealing option for even the most lazy Apple fanatics (like my). I’m active but haven’t jumped into the freezing waters in the San Francisco Bay, nor do I find myself in any difficult wilderness conditions that require a more secure and robust smartwatch. I’ve been using this Apple Watch Ultra as my sole smartwatch for the past month and half, it has grown on me. It’s so much that it’s hard to go back to my less basic Apple Watch Series 6.

Of of course it’s true that it’s true that the Apple Watch Ultra isn’t flawless and some may even think the device overkill and be right however, it’s the best appearance as well as feel I’ve been wanting in Apple Watch and the Apple Watch ecosystem for some time. (And I’m not saying that the outrageously high-priced ceramic Apple Watches of many years back aren’t included.)

If you’re a non-mountain-climbing, shark-avoiding, ultra-marathon-fearing person, and a huge Apple fan, you won’t need convincing to purchase the Apple Watch Ultra. If you’re reading this today, you’re likely at a loss or are unsure whether it’s the Apple Watch Ultra is for you. In any case, that’s okay. It’s a large watch, and it’s a significant purchase. Let’s take a look and see whether the Ultra is the right choice for you.

Hardware, design, what’s inside the box

The Apple Watch Ultra is big gorgeous, sexy, and sexy. But I’m not sure that 10000 words can make a person more likely to purchase this watch that measures 44 by 49mm. To put these numbers in perspective it’s worth noting that the Apple Watch Ultra is significantly bigger than even that 55mm Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro. It’s the largest watch Apple has ever created, sporting the increase of 26% in the size of its surface as compared to the larger Apple Watch Series 8 (38-by-45mm) as well as an increase of 50% over the smaller 35-by-41mm version.

Yes you are able to keep the old Apple Watch bands if you upgrade. Apple did a smart thing by making Watch Ultra Watch Ultra backward compatible with any larger-sized band that you currently have (for the 42mm to 45mm Apple Watch, that is).

The Apple Watch Ultra’s face big however, it’s a bit thick too. Initially, I found it as the biggest confusing element of the design. A 2mm increase above it and 2mm over the Google Pixel Watch and 4mm more than the Watch Series 8 might not appear like much but the size of the Ultra is evident. This is the most important thing is what makes it an unpopular choice for certain wrists.

I strongly suggest you head at the Apple Store and try Apple Watch Ultra. Apple Watch Ultra for yourself before shelling out $799 for it to become official. You’re paying for 2 Apple Watches in one device, so it’s bound to look fantastic and feel comfy. My height is 6’5″, and even though I have fairly skinny wrists, the Apple Watch Ultra didn’t bother me at all. I loved the slightly larger size of the watch, and I wish Apple had made this form factor much earlier in its smartwatch’s lifecycle. When I let my 5’4″ companion play with it, she was a bit shocked and thought it was a bit ridiculous — she even said she would not be interested in the larger model to give as a present.

It’s the Apple Watch Ultra’s larger size isn’t just a potential controversial design statement. I’ve also seen a lot of owners ‘ opinions on the way the size of the watch can make it unsuitable to use for everyday tasks for example, during an exercise routine on the treadmill or as a sleep tracking device.

Although the Ultra weighs between 10 and 20 grams over the Apple Watch 8, it did not feel heavy. I’ve done all kinds of workouts without even noticing the Ultra’s extra heft, and I’ve even managed to wear it to bed without having a princess-and-the-pea-like moment of panic. I can see how the bigger size might cause some discomfort people, but not for me. You won’t likely be able to see this level of clarity in the short time you spend using the Ultra at the Apple Store, but I consider it to be the best way to figure out if the larger size is suitable for you.

In addition to its bigger size The best feature of Ultra’s design is its screen has the ability to reach up to 2,000 nits in brightness which is more than double the brightness from its predecessor, the Watch 8. I’ve never had any problems gazing at my old Watch 6 in the sun and it’s Retina OLED display is awe-inspiring for use in everyday life. You can almost be sure that you’ll see more vibrant displays on the regular’ Apple Watch lineup someday but you won’t be able to wait for it. That’s fine. for that at all.

The Ultra’s more imposing design is probably because of the various techniques Apple must employ to make its titanium case water-proof at up 100m. This is great for swimmers and divers, but it’s not good (irrelevant) for people who are averse to cold water like me. The watch’s design retains a sense of class over function. I would like to have different colors available when it first launched, however color customization will be available in a future release.

The larger crown of the watch is simple to operate because it’s now incorporated inside a part of the case that extends out. I’d prefer that it wasn’t decorated with a huge orange circle. Although this is in line with the new orange Action button located on the opposite side the crown’s orange color makes you fall into the design that doesn’t mesh with all watch bands. A neutral hue would have been better for the eyes too.

The Ultra has an additional speaker that lets the phone’s calls, messages and announcements more vivid and more clear in comparison to Apple Watch Series 8. But, Apple refuses to allow you to play music on the speakers on your watch. I can understand why Apple is worried about the effect it will have on the battery life of a standard Apple Watch, but there’s no reason to not be able blast tunes from the Ultra watch should you wish to. If not, the speaker upgrade is nice, butit feels like a waste of effort.

When it comes to apps in terms of apps, Watch Ultra is a great choice for apps. Watch Ultra is as fast as the other smartwatches it has recently launched. It’s logical because the S8 chip is powered by the same processor that you’d see within it’s S7 as well as S6 chips. In all honesty, I’ve not experienced a single performance issue with my standard’ Watch Series 6, therefore I’m not sure how evident a performance increase could be in daily use. For instance, moving information from an iPhone onto the Apple Watch is still a bit like it takes forever. this is one of the most difficult performance issues Apple’s watches aren’t able to address.

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