Woman quits job to complete bucket list for dying dog

Megan Marshall is a bucket list for terminally-ill dog Sasha. (SWNS)

A woman has quit her job so she can spend time helping her terminally-ill dog complete a bucket list.

Megan Marshall, 31, wants to dedicate herself to her precious pet Sasha and make her final days as special as possible.

She has spent the past 15 years with the Labrador-cross after welcoming the dog into her life when she was just a puppy.

Sadly, Sasha, who is now almost 16 years old, has been diagnosed with dementia as well as numerous health problems that will leave her unable to walk and eventually completely paralysed.

So Marshall quit her job and has started a bucket list with Sasha to give her an experience of a lifetime.

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Megan Marshall and Sasha are making the most of their final days together.  (SWNS)

Megan Marshall and Sasha are making the most of their final days together. (SWNS)

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“I’ve always struggled with my mental health – I was running a business which made me struggle mentally and Sasha’s health was getting worse,” says Marshall who ran a dog-walking business.

“I was finding it so hard to juggle the two, so I closed my business and decided to work on myself and give her the time she needs, and then the bucket list popped into my head.

“Even though she’s always had her own health battles, Sasha has always been my rock through my own battles.

“It’s me and Sasha against the world type of thing so I just felt that I wanted to give her back what she’s given to me whilst I had the chance.”

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The bucket list came about after Sasha was diagnosed with dementia – also known as canine cognitive dysfunction – which has left her often confused and with severe separation anxiety.

The poor pooch also has a spinal condition that affects the nerves and will eventually leave her paralysed.

Sasha has already completed numerous things on her bucket list, including visiting the beach, getting an ice cream from an ice cream van, entering a dog show, enjoying a steak dinner and having a birthday party and sleepover with her furry friends.

She’s also met Santa, been to the zoo, visited a care home, Blenheim Palace and Kings Road in London, and had a gorgeous professional photoshoot.

With Sasha’s final days approaching, Marshall, from Reading, is keen to tick off the remaining bucket list items, including going to Windsor Castle, visiting the butchers, and going to a nursery or school to meet the kids.

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Megan Marshall and dog Sasha are busy making memories together.  (SWNS)

Megan Marshall and dog Sasha are busy making memories together. (SWNS)

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“There’s still a couple of things we want to complete,” says Marshall.

“We ticked off ‘meet a doggy celebrity’ at the weekend when we met Good Boy Ollie who is famous from TikTok.

“I’d love to meet Mrs Hinch and her dog, Henry Hinch, as well!

“I will feel really happy and proud when the bucket list is completed, it’s been a journey. And one that’s helped my confidence massively too.

“I know losing her is going to be a big struggle for me so it kind of gives me a feeling that we did everything I could. I know she was so happy.”

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