Why is the world gagging for this mystery pink sauce?

The dragon fruit gives the sauce its unnervingly bright hue, but its other listed ingredients are sunflower seed oil, raw honey, garlic, chilli, distilled vinegar, pink Himalayan sea salt, dried spices, lemon juice, milk and citric acid.

And to answer the burning question: the sauce is safe and is legal – so she says, anyway. Has it gone through proper testing? It’s not in its testing period,” she answers. You don’t have to do lab testing to seek compliance with the FDA.” I ask if she’s FDA-approved. The lab testing is just for me to be able to get my product in stores faster.”

I ask again, but she cuts me off. I ask a third time: FDA? The facility that I work out of is FDA-approved, and I am FDA compliant. There is no such thing as being FDA-approved; you can only work from an FDA-approved facility.”

She reiterates her work as a chef for years” while admitting there are a few grammar corrections we need to make.” About the aforementioned angel numbers, Pii says she mixed up the quantity of grams (444) with the total serving size. It was not, as some believed, a random number that she had pulled out of thin air. Regarding the mail orders, we don’t use USPS as a carrier anymore.” (Out, too, are the Ziploc bags.) Whether Chef Pii will be facing any lawsuits or not, as some have suggested, remains to be seen.

Pii believes that the attention the viral fame has put on her small business is unfair. We have a micro-lens on us because the sauce is so unique and has caused so much of an uproar, [so] people are critiquing every little mistake that we’ve made,” she says. But to try and say that the pink sauce is not healthy, or you know – I have a son with allergies. I literally ride around with an EpiPen in my purse every time we go to dinner. I’m not going to allow a troll to see me stress out and rage on the internet about my authentic self.”

Whether people trust the sauce or not, one thing remains clear: they’re buying it by the bucket load. Pii has sold 700 bottles since putting the sauce on sale, and only eight people so far have asked for a refund, she says.

And when the hype eventually dies down, she’s prepared for that, too. I ask her if she has another sauce in mind. Maybe a blue one, a green one… red? We’re working on a new sauce,” she says. A dessert sauce.”

And the colour?

Hot pink,” she confirms. But as for now: The pink sauce is here to stay.” Sometimes you’ve got to have faith in your own sauce.


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