What is the ‘golden ratio’ hack on TikTok?

THE term “golden ratio” is commonly used in reference to things considered by most to be beautiful.

One social media user made a beauty filter specifically meant to follow the guidelines of the number.


A TikTok filter tells people how to define their eyebrows based on the golden ratio

What is the ‘golden ratio’ hack on TikTok?

TikTokers and social media influencers are no strangers to the ever-popular beauty filter, something designed to make users look a certain way.

Grace M Choi, a TikToker with over 27K followers, helps to create beauty filters on the app.

One of her original filters has become incredibly favored in helping people create a new eyebrow shape.

Known as the ‘golden ratio’ hack, the filter includes lines based on the golden ratio principle of symmetry.

The filter tells users where the start and end of their eyebrows should fall and where the arch should be located.

Grace herself made a TikTok showing how the filter is supposed to work.

“I created this filter to help you draw your perfect eyebrows according to the golden ratio,” she says in the video.

“First, you’re going to take your eyebrow pencil and make a mark where the blue dots are.”

Grace continues: “These are going to be your eyebrows’ start, arch, and end-points.

“Brush out and fill in as needed, and repeat on the second eyebrow.”

What is the golden ratio?

Euclid, a mathematician from around 300 BC, is one of the first to discuss the golden ratio openly.

He refers to the subject as the “extreme and mean ratio” in the Elements, an ancient collection of works about numbers.

The golden ratio is the ratio of a line segment that has been cut into multiple pieces of varying lengths and should result in the balance of the whole segment to that of the longer segment being equal to the ratio of the longer part and the shorter part.

Defined roughly as 1.618, the irrational number (1 + square root of √5)/2, or the Greek letter ϕ or τ, the golden ratio is believed to provide the most aesthetically-pleasing outcome for any given thing – whether that be a building design or someone’s face.

In layman’s terms, the golden ratio basically provides a guide for something to be considered attractive by the human eye.

Bella Hadid was once named the


Bella Hadid was once named the “most beautiful woman in the world” based on the golden ratioCredit: Instagram

Does anyone have an exact golden ratio face?

Over time, many people have used the math behind the golden ratio to define beauty standards or attempt to name the “most beautiful” people in the world.

The mathematical equation – known as Phi – sees the ideal facial proportions as 3:2:3.

It is worked out by analyzing the forehead to nose to chin areas.

Kim Kardashian was found to be the most golden-ratio-aligned sibling out of the Kardashian-Jenner clan, according to Lucy Williams, the owner of Aurielle Aesthetics.

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Dr Mehr, a celebrity dermatologist, listed Christine Quinn as the member of Selling Sunset with a face closest to the golden ratio.

In 2019, supermodel Bella Hadid was crowned as the “most beautiful woman in the world” according to Julian De Silva, a cosmetic surgeon who compared Bella’s face to the golden ratio.

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