What is the Car Dragon song on TikTok as viral trend confuses users?

A new trend on TikTok has left users highly confused.

The ‘Dragon Car’ challenge sees TikTokers in shock after taking part and many just can’t understand why.

Along with the trend, the song used in it has swept the platform with its catchy tune.

Here’s everything you need to know about the latest Car Dragon challenge and the song used in it.

What is the Car Dragon challenge on TikTok?

One thing that’s constant on TikTok is users sharing their reactions to various trends and challenges.

However, to do the Car Dragon challenge, you need to look up exactly what it is. The trend basically shows the users’ before and after reactions to searching Car Dragon online.

What makes the challenge confusing for some users is the fact that there is no deeper meaning to this than what meets the eye.

If you search Car Dragon on Google images, you are mostly met with pictures of dragons on or alongside cars.

But, the users look at the camera shockingly, as if they discovered something unexpected.

One explanation is that a few images on Google show animated dragons getting frisky with a car, which is shocking, to say the least.

Song in the viral trend revealed

Although the trend is popularized as Car Dragon, you cannot hear it once in the song played in the background and TikTokers want to know whose masterpiece it is.

We have discovered that the song used in the viral trend is created by none other than Soulja Boy. Titled Report Cardthe track was first released in 2009.

But, it has gained popularity now, thanks to the fad for trends on the platform.

The first TikTok using Report Card was shared by @Bebardii on February 2, 2022. The TikToker’s dog is seen opening and closing its mouth to the lyrics in the short clip.

The original TikTok has been viewed more than 4.7 million times and gathered over 890,000 likes as of today (March 29).

Art That Made Us | Trailer | BBC



Art That Made Us | Trailer | BBC






Here’s what TikTok users have to say

Several TikTok users have noted that they didn’t find anything unusual about the trend and are struggling to understand what it’s all about.

One wrote: “Help, I only see cars with dragon prints on them.”

“Alright I’m finally gonna get curious enough to experience it instead of looking in the comments about what it’s about,” said another.

One user wrote: “It’s literally just a dragon on a car.”

“I can’t find anything, help,” commented another.

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