What Does ‘Story Time’ and ‘Crop’ Mean on TikTok? Comments Explained

For those confused by the endless comments reading “story time?” and “crop” on TikTok videos over the last weeks, you’re not alone. Here’s what it means.

TikTok is no stranger to birthing out-there slang and trends that can miff even the best of us. We’re still not completely sure what “cheugy” truly means, to be honest. With new language coming and going from the app all the time, it can be hard to keep up.

Many users will have seen the phrases “story time?” and “crop?” invading the comments of popular videos, and possibly even their own. It’s a trend even the most established TikTokers can’t rid themselves of, just have a look at Charli D’Amelio’s comment sections at the moment.

Essentially, TikTok has gone full self-aware and the latest language trend is actually poking fun at the comments so commonly seen on videos across the app.

What does “crop” and “need crop” mean on TikTok?

For those who follow meme or “aesthetic” TikTok accounts, this phrase is likely nothing new. What is new however is just how many there are of them now, and seemingly on completely unrelated videos.

Initially, users would comment “crop” or “need crop” on videos they wanted to take screenshots or screen recordings from. Cropping the video to have a border around it allows that to happen without any usernames or “like” buttons visible over the video.

But the comment became tiresome for users, seeing it on so many videos, and often in such a demanding manner. Cue an app-wide inside joke, commenting on irrelevant videos that they don’t even want cropping.

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What does “story time” mean on TikTok?

In the same joke format, comments asking for a “story time” are rife on TikTok. It seems any video that hints at an interesting story, like a woman who found blood in her storage unit or another who accidentally swallowed her AirPods, leaves people wanting more.

The easiest way to get all that extra information across is by making a “story time” video that details the entire story from beginning to end. These videos aren’t specific to TikTok of course and gained popularity on YouTube way back.

When users on TikTok however hear of something they think sounds interesting in a video, they will comment “story time” hoping to find out more.

Just as with “crop” it also irks the users of TikTok, causing eye rolls at just the sight.

What does “results” mean on TikTok?

Anyone who has watched a process video of any kind, which is essentially anyone on TikTok, will recognize the same comment found on each of those videos.

When the creator doesn’t include the final product of their process trying something out, like testing the bacteria on restaurant cutlery or showering in jeans to stretch them out, users are left requesting the results in the comments.

It’s just another term added to the long list of comments that appear to aggravate users across the app.

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