What does ‘eseba’ mean on TikTok as Iran Ferreira’s expression goes viral?

A typical TikTok user would be aware of the bizarre jargons that were invented and popularized by fellow members on the platform.

Similarly, the expression ‘eseba’ has found a place for itself in many recent TikToks.

The word went viral after TikTok user Iran Ferreira screamed ‘eseba’ each time he scored a goal in his videos.

Wondering what ‘eseba’ means? Here’s what we know!

What does the TikTok expression ‘eseba’ mean?

Lately, several TikToks are captioned ‘eseba’ or its variations – ‘esebaa’ or ‘esheba’.

The phrase is Portuguese and is used to celebrate anything astonishing or extraordinary.

In football, a player is heard saying ‘eseba’ after scoring a goal.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s son, Cristiano Ronaldo Jr, has also been seen screaming “eseba” after scoring a goal in training. You can watch the video here.

Although the expression has been around for a long time, it has only gained popularity on TikTok recently thanks to Ferreira’s posts.

Don’t confuse it with ‘esheba’

Even though ‘eseba’ and ‘esheba’ sound very similar, they hold different meanings.

‘Esheba’ is a Hebrew name that translates to ‘God chose’.

Although it doesn’t mean the same as ‘eseba’, ‘esheba’ has become a popular expression among TikTok users as well.

Similarly, TikTok has witnessed several new slang words and expressions which only the users are familiar with.

‘Mid’ is one such term that went viral and has been widely used on the app. It is nothing but a shorthand version of the adjective ‘mediocre’.

And, there is another new slang called ‘avow’, which simply means ‘wow’, ‘omg’, ‘what’ or ‘damn.

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TikTok – Music Color Trailer



TikTok – Music Color Trailer





Who is Iran Ferreira, aka luvadepedreiro?

TikToker Iran is the reason behind all the attention ‘eseba’ has received.

He is famous for his football skills, playing on dirt pitches and for celebrating each of his goals by screaming ‘eseba’ at the camera.

He has more than 10 million followers on TikTok and over 7 million on Instagram. He identifies himself as a digital creator.

Most of his videos have gone viral and have amassed millions of views. The total views on his TikTok profile, at the time of writing, stands at a whopping 161 million!

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