Vet’s stark warning to avoid dangers to dogs ahead of Jubilee weekend

Veterinary expert Dr Anna Foreman has shared the top five risks that pet owners should be aware of when taking their dog to any Jubilee celebrations over the coming days, from loud noises to travelling

Vets are likely to be extremely busy this weekend

The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee is a momentous and joyous occasion that should be celebrated by the nation – but it will come with many potential dangers to our dogs.

Everypaw Pet Insurance’s resident vet Dr Anna Foreman is warning owners of the top five risks that they should be aware of during upcoming celebrations.

Dr Foreman says: “Vets are likely to be running an emergency only service over the Jubilee weekend and are likely to be extremely busy so please be patient and kind with them.

“If you are going somewhere new with your animal over this period then make sure to know where the nearest emergency veterinary hospital is, and whether they are seeing non-clients as well as registered clients.”

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Dogs will play a huge role in the celebrations this weekend


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Loud noises

Some dogs and cats tend not to be phased by loud noises such as fireworks, plane flyovers and music, however there are many who are.

An animal spooked by loud noises can be unpredictable – some freeze, some run, some hide away, and some can become aggressive, it depends on what their ‘flight or fight’ response is telling them.

To keep your pets safe, provide them with a hidey-hole where they can take cover over the Jubilee weekend – for dogs and cats this may be a covered crate or enclosed bed.

Animals who run from loud noises have more of a risk of becoming lost, so it’s also important to make sure their microchip details are kept up to date regarding address and contact telephone number.

Your dog won’t die from missing one walk


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Heat stroke

Dogs in general should not be exercised in the middle of the day in warm weather – instead the cooler early mornings or evenings are far safer.

A dog won’t die from missing one walk, however they can if they go for one in hot weather, Dr Foreman says.

We can tell if our dogs are dehydrated by looking at their gum color and hydration – if an animal is well hydrated their gums will be pale pink and moist, however if dehydrated their gums will be pale and dry.

Noticing early signs can also save lives. If a dog is excessively panting, passes any vomit or diarrhoea, or is weak or lethargic, they should be taken straight to the vets to have their temperature checked.

In the meantime, active cooling measures can be put in place (such as wrapping the animal in a cool water soaked towel).

You should be mindful of accidents at barbecues


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Broken glass

With people having parties and BBQs over the Jubilee weekend, there is the risk of animals becoming injured.

Broken glass from bottles or packaging, hot cooking surfaces left unattended, outdoor fires etc. All pose risks not only to our pets but also wildlife.

If you are going to have an outdoor fire, make sure that there are no wildlife hedgehogs or other hiding away in the logs and undergrowth.

Hot cooking surfaces should always be monitored, and any broken glass cleared up immediately.

If an animal suffers from a burn or cut, please ring your vet’s emergency line for advice and/or a visit.

Lots of foods at parties can be harmful to pets


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Eating foods they shouldn’t

At BBQs, corn on the cobs and skewered meat pose significant foreign body risks to dogs, as well as toxic foods such as chocolate, raisins and chewing gum.

An object that is not edible, such as a dog or child’s toy, baby wipes or skewers can cause an obstruction or perforation.

Canines can also develop pancreatitis after ingestion of even a small quantity. If a dog is experiencing inflammation, they may be seen stretching out their abdomen in the prayer position.

If you see your pet eating something it shouldn’t, please contact your vet for advice as they made need to be made to be sick.

You should contact your vet if you feel worried


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With a lot of travel to visit loved ones, families should be mindful of wildlife and other pets such as cats when driving.

With an increase in cars on the road, road traffic accidents involving animals are more likely to occur – these can be fatal to both animals and humans depending on their severity.

If taking dogs in the car, make sure they are well secured (this is now a law), are kept cool, and if going on long trips, are allowed regular toilet and water breaks.

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