Vet shows disgusting outcome of owners failing to brush their dog’s teeth

TikTok vets Peter and Jaycee have gone viral online for sharing a video of the horrific consequences of not brushing your dog’s teeth regularly – and it’s making pet owners reach for their toothbrushes

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TikTok Vet shows horrible outcome of not brushing your dog’s teeth

Keeping your dog ‘s teeth clean and healthy is often overlooked, but dental disease is very common in canines and can be extremely uncomfortable.

Veterinary surgeons Peter and Jaycee are warning pet owners of the horrific consequences of not brushing your dog’s teeth regularly.

A viral video uploaded on their TikTok account, Vet Techs, shows an 11-year-old dog with hair, food and plaque built up in its upper mouth.

The clip has racked up 5.3 million views and more than 1,500 comments, with some users admitting they didn’t know dogs need to have their teeth brushed.

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The hair and food had built up for 11 years


The video was a stark warning to dog owners


The 17-second footage records Peter and Jaycee removing a clump of gray gunk from the upper teeth in the senior dog’s mouth.

The “impacted hair and food” falls off easily, with many viewers referring to it as “satisfying”.

Dozens of TikTokers admitted to never picking up a doggy toothbrush, with one saying: “I’ve never brushed my dogs teeth and I’ve had him for 8 years and his teeth are great.”

Another agreed: “Never brushed my dogs teeth, but they cleaner and more white then mine.”

Peter and Jaycee encouraged people in the comments section to brush their pet’s teeth regularly, and explained “not many people think you need to”.

It’s so important to have a regular teeth brushing routine


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The duo also warned that the same can happen in cats and humans.

Thankfully, many other TikTok users appeared to keep on top of their dog’s dental health.

One person wrote: “I brush my puppy’s teeth and he’s recently been to the dentist. His health is first priority ALWAYS.”

Another said: “I brush my dogs teeth every day.”

How do I keep my dog’s teeth healthy?

According to the RSPCA, you should start cleaning your dog’s teeth every day when they are a puppy and continue this routine into their adult life.

You should ask your vet to show you the best way to do this, as different breeds have varying jaw alignments.

Human toothpastes are not suitable for dogs and you can find canine-friendly toothpastes readily available on the market.

Dental chews and treats are also a great way of helping to keep your dog’s teeth clean, as is a balanced diet.

Keep an eye out for signs of dental disease in your pet’s mouth


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What are the signs my dog ​​has gum disease?

Dental disease in dogs can appear suddenly or progress over time. You can look out for the following signs recommended by the RSPCA:

  • Deposit may build up on the teeth
  • Gums will be damaged and bleed
  • If the mouth is infected, it will give off a full smell
  • The sensitive root of the tooth may be exposed and painful
  • Discolored teeth that die and fall out
  • Your dog may also refuse food have difficulty eating or leave Flecks of blood in their bowls

If your dog has any of these symptoms, please contact your vet.

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