Ukraine volleyball star Yulia Gerasimova charms over 3m hearts on TikTok

Ukrainian volleyball player Uliya Gerasymova (Yulia Gerasimova) has become an internet sensation with her charismatic video that went viral on several social media platforms.

Video-sharing sites like TikTok and YouTube are the best platforms to garner attention and go viral for all the good reasons.

One TikTok user who found instant fame is volleyball star Uliya Gerasymova who received millions of views and praise for her charming video.

Ukrainian volleyball star goes viral for this clip

Ukrainian volleyball star Uliya Gerasymova has left online users mesmerized with her dance challenge video that went viral this week.

The video, which is about 20 seconds, shows Uliya with other Ukrainian club volleyball players during a Champions League match as she ‘challenged’ her rivals to a dance battle.

The reason that she is trending is her charismatic and energetic personality which has charmed millions of hearts across the world.

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The video has received at least 3 million views on XSPORT’s YouTube channel with millions more views combined on TikTok and other YouTube videos.

“Outstanding beauty and skill,” commented one YouTube viewer, while someone else said on Instagram: “Your smile and outgoing personality have brought you to the stage of world attention! Best of luck as you move forward in your next adventure!”

You can watch her viral video down below:

What to know about Uliya Gerasymova

Uliya is a professional volleyball star who plays for the Ukraine national team.

The athlete was born on September 15th, 1989 in Odessa and her sports journey began when she was in school.

Uliya and her teammates from the national team won the 2017 Euroleague 2017. Moreover, they also took part at three European Championships which were in 2017, 2019 and 2021.

She travels a lot as part of her career and in her free time. Uliya has visited places like Paris, Cappadocia and Bali, as seen on her personal Instagram page.

Meet Uliya on Instagram

If you want to find more about the professional volleyball star, then you can give Uliya a follow @krosha9.

Her account is currently set to public and she has gained 145,000 followers at the time of writing this.

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