TikTok trends this week include ‘My money don’t jiggle jiggle’ song, the bee animated filter, and Lizzo’s ‘About Damn Time’

Like the rest of us, TikTok grappled with the leaked draft majority Supreme Court opinion that could strike down Roe v. Wade. TikTokkers called for a Mother’s Day Strike and shared abortion resources.

But that doesn’t mean we all didn’t participate in some good old-fashioned escapism on the app this week, so without further ado, here are some of the best dances and trends of the week from TikTok.


TikTokkers call for a Mother’s Day Strike to protect abortion rights

The money don’t jiggle jiggle

One of the most viral songs on TikTok has unexpected roots. The “my money don’t jiggle jiggle” jingle that’s so popular that even the Riverdale girls made a video to it is actually an auto-tuned clip of British-American journalist Louis Theroux on Chicken Shop Date with Amelia Dimoldenberg, a YouTube series where Dimoldenberg conducts charmingly awkward interviews that resemble a first date. In the interview Theroux reminisces on the rap song he wrote for an episode of Louis Theroux’s Weird Weekends back in 2000.

On March 16, the producers @dukeandjones added autotune and backup music to the clip of Theroux rapping as part of their “Adding auto tune to random videos'” series on TikTok. Their version of the clip racked up over 43 million views and nearly 6 million likes.

Like any popular TikTok song, it soon got its own dance created by @jessqualter. In the original dance video the two friends perform the understated dance that quickly gained traction. Their video has over 33 million likes and 4.5 million likes. The song has been used in over 1.2 million videos.

The original dance.
Credit: TikTok / jessqualter

But the song isn’t just used for dancing, it’s the go to song to accompany any TikTok and surely will be stuck in your head.


Shakira dances to ‘jiggle jiggle’ in Jimmy Fallon TikTok challenge

The best part of this plan is that no one can stop me

TikTokkers are posting things no one can stop them doing with an animation of a giant bee, an obvious combination. They’re using an audio that dates back to April 2020 that was first posted by @charlie.mosey. The soundbite is a distorted voice that says, “The best part of this plan is that no one can stop me,” that’s accompanied by dramatic music. The audio has been used in over 224,000 videos.

The current trend to the song features a large bee that flies on screen with an honestly gorgeous sunset in the background. The animation was created by @eddyin3d and it is not so aptly called “tiny bee.” The effect is featured in over 335,000 videos.

It’s a classic TikTok trend where creators overshare in hopes of going viral.

It’s a classic TikTok trend where creators overshare in hopes of going viral. Some funny examples of the trend include @lilnazf’s video that reads, “Me otw to LinkedIn to see if I can find my conversation dating app match’s last name so I can find him on social and see if I really want to commit to the.” Then there’s @angelica.t01‘s video that says, “me omw to buy another concert ticket without checking my bank account or my schedule, and not knowing how i am going to get there. Not caring if I only know 2 of the artists songs or have their entire discography memorized. Knowing that it doesn’t matter even if I’ve seen the artist 292727 times, I’m still going to go.”

Screenshot of the LinkedIn example of the trend.

No one can stop you!
Credit: TikTok / lilnazf

About damn time

Lizzo’s latest track, “About Damn Time” has unsurprisingly spurred a very popular and fun dance. The dance was created by @jaedengomezz and is set to the second verse of the song that includes the legendary lyric, “Feelin’ fussy, walkin’ in my Balenci-ussys.” Lizzo’s song is the soundtrack to over 144,000 videos and yo”re guaranteed to be in a good mood after scrolling through the videos under the song.

I’ve been watching @marieannacaufour’s “About Damn Time” ootds and they are consistently the highlight of my time on TikTok. Navigate to her page daily for some outfit serotonin and we all know we could use some!

Screenshot of one of @marieannacaufour's videos.

My new fave TikTokker!
Credit: TikTok / marieannacaufour

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