TikTok Star Onlyjayus Assaulted at Music Festival

TikTok star Isabella “onlyjayus” Avila is one of the most popular content creators on the platform, with nearly 18 million followers at the time of this writing. Besides being a big hit on TikTok, onlyjayus also has a presence on Twitch, with 203,000 followers. Onlyjayus rise to prominence on TikTok with her “Psychology Tricks” videos, but her latest videos are about an alleged assault that took place at a musical festival in Napa, California.


Onlyjayus was attending a Metallica concert at the BottleRock Nappa Valley festival this past weekend when she was allegedly assaulted by a fellow concert goer. According to onlyjayus, a moshpit made her run into a man standing in front of her, who apparently responded by pushing her to the ground, causing her to hit her head. According to onlyjayus, when she stood back up, the man grabbed her by the shirt and punched her in the face four times. Click here to see a video of onlyjayus confronting the man that allegedly assaulted her, but note that some offensive language is used.

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Onlyjayus asked TikTok and Twitter for help with identifying the man at the concert. It didn’t take long for her to post an update declaring that he had been identified, though she wouldn’t be sharing his personal information with the rest of the Internet. Even though the man reportedly had next to no social media presence outside a Facebook account that had been inactive since 2015, onlyjayus’ fans were able to figure out his name, age, phone number, address, work, and the phone numbers for his wife and son. This information has been passed on to the relevant authorities, and after onlyjayus hears back, she plans on pressing charges.

For those who may be unfamiliar with onlyjayus, besides her impressive following on social media, she’s also enjoyed some mainstream success. At one point, onlyjayus even hosted an official Netflix podcast called Know It Allbut it was canceled after past offensive comments surfaced online.

Last year, onlyjayus found herself the center of controversy when screenshots showed her using slurs in an old conversation from when she was a teenager. While onlyjayus apologized for the remarks, he still inspired some to make a petition to ban onlyjayus from TikTok, which managed to reach over 441,000 signatures. However, it should be noted that part of the reason why the petition blew up the way it did is because onlyjayus herself promoted it, saying that she would actually sign it herself.

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