The Welshman whose videos about Carmarthenshire are watched by millions on TikTok

During the first lockdown, the video-focused social networking service TikTok became a massive hit.

With many of us having to find forms of entertainment, we found ourselves downloading the app and scrolling for hours watching humorous content.

Some of us maybe even started creating TikToks to pass the time by, and that’s exactly what Dai Davison from Carmarthenshire did.

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TomJonesWales started making TikToks during the first lockdown

Dai, who goes by the TikTok name tomjoneswales, started making videos during the first lockdown as a bit of fun.

Dai says he finds weird things amusing so he began to film things that were happening in his local area that others might find funny.

He said: “I made a video about the queue in Tesco during lockdown, there was 100 people in the queue social distancing but nobody in the queue for Marks and Spencer and I said it must be because they charge four pounds for a bag of apples .”

Dai (pictured on the right) with online Valleys legend, Andrew Biggie Morris

Dai is best known for his funny comments over the content he films and he likes to give ‘messages’ to local councils or supermarkets on the issues he faces in places such as Llanelli, Swansea and Cardiff.

As Dai started uploading TikToks, many users found his content hilarious and his engagement quickly began to rise.

At the time of him starting Tiktok, Dai was lucky enough to be on big gaming podcasts and featured on the “Austin show” podcast in America four times which is a massive show on streaming sites like Twitch and YouTube.

Dai adds: “The show had other creators on it such as Mizkif, XQC, Lil Nas X, Pokimane, so a lot of followers came from this and then one my TikToks was featured on Russell Howard and meme pages about the fuel crisis so this boosted my following more.”

Dai Davison

Dai’s TikTok account, tomjoneswales now has 194.6K followers and a total of 4.6 million likes, something that Dai never thought would happen.

He said: “I never realised how big TikTok was. I didn’t expect to get to 10k let alone 190k and how much the app is used by people.

“I’m really not sure why my videos get so many views, there is no formula really. I think Welsh people sometimes see I’m nearby or in a place they have been to or maybe want to go to so it’s more like they see their local Welsh TikTok idiot was near and then tell their friends.”

One of tomjoneswales TikTok’s about how a bin down Llanelli beach is full because someone put a KFC mega bucket in it and there’s no where to put dog poo

Dai says he get’s recognised form his videos a lot when he’s out and about and it still catches him off guard.

He added: “You sometimes don’t realise how many people see your videos, I just see it as a guy pulling his phone out and saying what most of us think. When I see the overall shares hitting 50,000 a month it really makes you think where your videos end up.”

Dai says he gets a nice response from followers and he’s fortunate that he’s done gaming lobbies for a long time so trolls and negativity don’t affect him as much.

He added: “When your account grows the positivity grows but you also pull in more negativity as well which a lot of creators don’t expect, especially when trying to promote comedic content to make people laugh. I would definitely not suggest it to anyone who gets affected by people’s opinions.”

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Dai was working away full time in London and found difficult to keep on top of TikToks, streaming and gaming.

He said: “I have come home to work now and have more free time to spend on creating content and working with brands while still working fulltime at home. There are a few different avenues you can go down with TikTok once you reach 100,000 followers you can join the “creator marketplace” and work directly with brands through their platform.

“Once you hit 10,000 you can apply for the “creator access” to earn money from your video views and you can even go live and stream directly at 1000 followers where viewers send you gifts.”

Dai says he often comes across youngsters live streaming and wishes this platform had been available when he was younger as he had to work as a cleaner in Asda whilst studying at college and these TikTokers can make a month’s wage in an hour from going live on the app.

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