The Bachelorette Season 19, Episode 4 recap: Heart of the Sea

After a drama-filled episode last week, Rachel Recchia and Gabbi Windey are back on The Bachelorette Season 19! The mansion goes mobile as the house boards a cruise ship for an international adventure that begins in Paris, France. The men have now decided which woman they’d like to pursue on their journey to find true love.

Get your passports ready, and let’s see what’s in store for this international love affair as The Bachelorette Season 19 continues!

The Bachelorette Season 19, Episode 4 recap

1) Touring in the Rain

Rachel and Gabby kicked things off with one-on-one dates with Tino and Jason. They met at a little cafe before splitting up to tour the city separately. Rachel and Tino spent the day sampling France’s delicacies, including chocolate, crepes, and alcohol. They even got the opportunity to make their crepes together. You could tell there was a connection between the two. Each stop and experience was sealed with a kiss in one of the most romantic cities on the planet.

Gabby and Jason had a different date of trying on hats and riding a carousel. The two didn’t kiss as much as Rachel and Tino, but you could tell they had a good time. Gabby described their date as like being a kid again. Jason still wasn’t very talkative, and Gabby hoped this date would allow him to open up.

The duos come together for check-in before going to their separate dinners, the first on international soil for The Bachelorette Season 19. Gabby and Rachel had a great time, especially for Rachel, who bounced back nicely from her disappointing rose ceremony.

Rachel and Tino went to dinner at a cathedral and discussed the last rose ceremony and their thoughts on the future. They discuss their careers and find they both want the same thing; a family. Tino seems to be checking all the boxes for Rachel. Before the dinner, Rachel says in an aside that she is only giving out roses to guys she could see being her husband.

Almost echoing that during dinner, Tino said that he wouldn’t keep accepting roses if he wasn’t going to fight for her and be here to the end. He accepted Rachel’s rose. Although it’s early, Tino may be it for Rachel.

Gabby and Jason had dinner in a more modern restaurant. The conversation starts a little shaky, with Jason explaining why he’s reserved. However, Jason started to open up and discussed going to therapy, which immediately creates a connection with Gabby, who loves a man who is open to the idea and goes to therapy. The two share a moment on a balcony with the Eiffel Tower in the background, and he graciously accepts Gabby’s rose. Although he is still a little awkward, Gabby can relate to it, and the two look really happy together.

2) Fighting for Love

Gabby’s group date was first up, putting the boys to the limit. Gabby is working out with a trainer as the guys enter the room. They soon realized they would be getting into the ring and going against each other. The guys had a quick training montage with French trainers before suiting up.

Rachel brought her guys in to watch before her group date. Secretly she wanted someone to talk to her, especially after a rough rose ceremony. But as Gabby’s men battled for her love, Rachel watched from the sidelines. As Gabby gave Spencer The Bachelorette Season 19championship belt, none of Rachel’s guys would even look at her. Logan actually rekindled feelings for Gabby. Not the outcome Rachel was expecting.

Regarding, this was Gabby’s group date after all. Since Spencer won, he and Gabby got to share a special dinner with a rose on the line. The two discussed Spencer’s military past, and Gabby built a connection through her family’s military history. However, the storyline stuck with Rachel, who continues to have bad luck on the show. Seeing Gabby’s men profess their love and fight for her made Rachel realize how little her men care. She went into the guys’ clubhouse and told them how she was feeling. Keep in mind this is on the eve of her group date.

3) Art of Romance

This group date showed how bad Rachel’s guys are compared to Gabby’s. The group date was learning about the art of romance in France, the most awkward of The Bachelorette Season 19. They started by trying to flirt with Rachel, which was a disaster. We had everything from dancing to choking to sex panther. Then the guys had to practice French kissing with their own hands which was as awkward as it sounds.

Finally, the guys had to write Rachel a love letter, and Tyler stole the show. Just like Gabby, Rachel had dinner afterward that one lucky bachelor could attend. However, the date couldn’t end without some drama, Logan said he didn’t quite feel a spark with Rachel and let her group date and had more feelings for Gabby.

Tyler was the lucky guy on Rachel’s date. The two discussed his love letter, taking them down the road of his previous relationship. Unconditional love was a big topic and the two connected over being hurt in relationships to see truly what they want in a partner. Tyler is saying all the right things and answers one of Rachel’s concerns from the beginning of the episode.

In her last relationship, her partner didn’t believe in her career, and she is now looking for someone to encourage her to follow her passion. Without prompting, Tyler said he would stay home with the family and take care of the house if Rachel pursued being a pilot. Just like they say on Family Feud, good answer.

While Tyler and Rachel are bonding and deepening their relationship, Logan is conversing with Jesse about his feelings for Gabby and lack thereof for Rachel. He wanted to talk to Gabby to clear the air even though he accepted Rachel’s rose, knowing it was only to date her and her.

4) All About Rambo

So now it’s time to address the elephant in the room of The Bachelorette Season 19. At the beginning of the episode, Hayden had some not nice things to say about Gabby throwing her words back at her and even calling her names. He followed that up by saying he’s comparing the women to his ex, amongst other terrible things. Then, after conversing with Rachel at the rose ceremony, he basshes her to Meatball. Although they did have a heartfelt conversation about his dog with a brain tumor, Tino asked to talk to Rachel, and she obliged. That didn’t sit well with Hayden, so he bashed her to Meatball.

Meatball, trying to get back in Rachel’s good books, pulls her aside and tells her what Hayden has said. As Rachel approaches Hayden to confront him, he discusses how poorly their conversation went with her to the other guys. He denied everything and thought she would continue their conversation about his dog. That was not the case.

She gave him a second chance after his comments about Gabby, but now enough is enough, and she walked him out. Thankfully the boat was docked so he could exit on land. That would have been rough if they were at seas. As he leaves, Hayden goes on a rant about Rambo, his dog, and how much he loves the dog and the dog loves him. He ends by hoping that Rachel could find someone who loves her the way he loves Rambo. Oh boy, I think Rachel dodged a bullet with that one.

5) The Rose Ceremony

After that incident with Hayden, Rachel was ready for the rose ceremony, the first one of The Bachelorette Season 19 at Sea. Logan still had conflicting feelings but hadn’t had the time to talk to either Rachel or Gabby about them. Gabby, who had already given out roses to Jason and Spencer, gave a rose to Nate, Erich, Johnny, and Michael. Her final three came down to Mario, Quincey, and Kirk. Gabby chose Mario sending the other two home.

Rachel, who had already sent Hayden home and given a rose to Tino and Tyler, gave roses to Aven, Meatball, Zach, Ethan, and Logan (of all people). This meant that Jordan H was going home, the second Jordan Rachel had sent home and the last on the show. Logan accepted the rose but felt like the bad guy, knowing he had more feelings for Gabby than Rachel, and stole a chance from someone else (Jordan H.). Despite all the drama and turmoil, Rachel has already endured, more is on the horizon.

Missed the drama with Hayden? Check out the article above to reflect on the recent house drama. How do we feel about Rachel’s and Gabby’s journies thus far on The Bachelorette Season 19?

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