The 12 Best Dog Foods for Puppies, That You Can Have Delivered ASAP

Not sure what to feed your brand-new puppy? Isitant about making too many trips to the grocery store? You’re not alone. The global pandemic we find ourselves in has increased puppy adoption rates across the country and decreased our ability to shop whenever we want. Enter: puppy food delivery. Not a new concept, but certainly an overwhelming one. What to buy? Where to order? How much to get? Here are the 12 best dog foods for puppies that you can have delivered with the click of a button.

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If you recently adopted a pup who has a sensitive digestive system, place an order for this specialty dry food. (You’ll need a prescription from your vet first.) Fun fact: It’s specifically formulated to make transitioning to adult dog food easier.

Buy it ($45)

Royal Canin also makes food designed to work with the delicate constitutions of many unique breeds (which is awesome for parents of purebred pups). For example, the French Bulldog recipe takes into account this breed’s short muzzle and brachycephalic jaw. The pellets are easier to eat and chew than other brands. There are formulas for poodles, chihuahuas, pugs and more.

Buy it ($21)

Puppies are growing animals. Their food should be able to support their physical growth and boost other systems, too. This Hill’s Science Diet dry food focuses on the immune system (it’s jam-packed with Vitamins E and C), brain development (hello, fish oil!) and digestive health (small bites for tiny tummies).

Buy it ($30)

Think of Ollie as a personal nutritionist for your puppy. The company uses information about your dog’s age, weight, breed and existing health conditions to tailor a meal plan for him. Vets helped create the recipes (which use real food—nothing processed) and Ollie sends the meals on a schedule (with two-day free delivery). They’re offering 50 percent off right now to first time subscribers, too.


Similar to Ollie, PetPlate is a personal nutritionist for your puppy. Simply fill out their quick survey detailing your puppy’s age, weight, activity level and breed and then choose from four unique recipes. All food is human-grade and guaranteed to appeal to even the pickiest of eaters. PetPlate is also offering 40 percent off and free shipping for first-timers.


Your puppy will be spoiled if you treat him to more than one personal nutritionist, but here’s a third to consider. Unlike PetPlate and Ollie, Spot & Tango offers both dry and wet food options. The company also prepares you for the long haul by promising to adjust your pup’s diet as they age. They provide free two-day shipping to the 48 contiguous states and will take 20 percent off your first order.


Maybe I’m biased because I feed my cats Earthborn Holistics Feline Vantage, but this brand is on point when it comes to quality ingredients. It’s worth noting many of their dry adult dog foods are grain-free; but dogs need ample grains with their protein, which is why this formula is awesome. It includes quinoa, buckwheat and chia which are protein-packed grains. It also includes 18 different superfoods in one bag. Not bad.

$15 at Amazon

For pups that need a huge protein boost with plenty of fruits and vegetables, Taste of the Wild is the way to go. This brand digs deep to your pup’s core, delivering bison and venison to build muscles and Omega-3 fatty acids for healthy cognitive development and eye function.

$15 at Amazon

Blue Buffalo has a superfood concoction called LifeSource Bits that they’ve added to this puppy food. It is “a precise blend of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals carefully selected by holistic veterinarians and animal nutritionists, to support immune system health, life stage requirements, and a healthy oxidative balance.” Need we say more?

$16 at Amazon

A top-rated brand for puppies and adult dogs alike, Wellness Complete Health provides growing canines with protein, flaxseed (for the coat and skin), taurine (for the heart) and DHA (an Omega-3 for the brain and eyes).

Buy (starting at $17)

The same brand also produces a canned wet food option for puppies. A pate texture, this formula promotes healthy bone and teeth growth, not to mention probiotics for digestion and—like its dry food counterpart—DHA for the brain!

Buy it ($33)

The number of healthy ingredients packed into a single can of this wet puppy food blew us away. You’ve got vegetables (carrots, peas, artichokes, pumpkin), fruits (tomato, blueberries, cranberries) and proteins (chicken, beef liver, salmon). And tons of rave reviews.

Buy it ($18)

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