Teen pushes bear off wall to save her dogs!

TikTok’s latest viral video sees a California teen push a brown bear off her garden wall with her bare hands, and it’s just as crazy as it sounds.

Every month, a number of very shocking videos go viral on TikTok.

In May, we saw a husband save his wife from a bobcat attack on their driveway, and it was definitely one of the most insane videos we’ve seen this year… until now.

This week, a video posted by a TikTok user called @BakedLikePie has gone viral after a teenager pushed a wild bear off her garden wall.

You’re definitely going to want to watch this one!

@BakedLikePie on TikTok

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Woman pushes bear off wall in viral TikTok

This weeks viral TikTok video shows the moment a young woman pushed a bear off a wall to save her dogs.

Yes, you heard that right. A girl really pushed a huge brown bear off her garden wall with her bare hands. Just wait until you see the video!

In the footage caught on a security camera and posted on TikTok by the girl’s cousin Brenda, you can see a brown bear walking on top of a wall.

Four dogs then run towards the bear and the bear reaches its paw down to them, seeming as though it’s about to attack.

Suddenly, a woman rushes out and pushes the bear off the wall with her hands before grabbing the dogs and running inside.

“My cousin Hailey yeeted a bear off her fence today and saved her dogs. How was your Memorial Day?! (WTF?!),” @BakedLikePie wrote in the caption.

Just to add even more effect, she also added the famous “oh no” song in the background.

The video has had a staggering 67.3 million views, and here’s how people have been reacting to it.

TikTok reacts to the bear video

Despite only being posted a day ago, the video has already had 173,000 comments, and it’s safe to say everyone is really shocked by the woman’s reaction.

“She just shoved that bear like it was a stuffed animal,” one person wrote.

Another said: “She’s on my team for the zombie apocalypse!”

“And the first pick in the 2021 draft is…” a third person joked.

Comments from a video posted by @BakedLikePie on TikTok

Others felt a bit bad for the bear and hoped it wasn’t injured after falling off the wall.

“Am I the only one who feels bad for the bear getting knocked off the wall?” one person commented.

If you watch the video again, you’ll notice that the bear does actually have two little cubs that run away when the dogs come over.

Another wrote: “She was probably just trying to protect her cubs.”

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