Is It Legal to Eat a Dog or Cat in New York?

***WARNING: This article is For Entertainment Purposes Only and Is Not for the Squeamish*** Dogs are considered Man’s Best Friend, but can they be Man’s Best TASTING Friend? And what about cats? Can you cook up Whiskers with some watercress and white rice next time he shoots you the stink eye? People can be driven … Read more

NYS Trooper Tries to Save Dog Stuck In Pipe! How’d She Get There?

What can you say about dogs? There may not be enough words to describe the love they can bring into your home. Dogs can be your best friend and sometimes your only friend. They are there through all of your breakups and makeups and they love you unconditionally. Dogs are truly a member of the … Read more

Another Argument for Idaho maintaining a Ban on Marijuana

A high school buddy made a fortune as the CEO of a company that owned a chain of laundries. We were also briefly college classmates and I remember something he told us in speech class some forty-odd years ago. Memory is subject to something called first and recent. If someone is presenting you with a … Read more

How Much Would It Cost To Buy Lockport, New York?

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How Hard Is It To Hunt The Hard To Find Morel Mushrooms Wyoming?

Springtime brings opportunities you can’t find any other time of the year, hunting Morel Mushrooms. Searching for this delicacy may not be on your radar, but it should be. You may not hear much about this delicious fungi in Wyoming. The reasoning behind that is pretty simple, it’s like fight club, you don’t talk about … Read more

Indiana Firefighters Rescue Boy Stuck in Tree Trying to Save Cat

It’s a story as old as time itself. Cat climbs tree. Cat can’t figure out how to get down and gets stuck in said tree. Owner calls the Fire Department. Fire Fighter climbs a ladder, rescues the cat, and saves the day. Somewhere down the line, the cat climbs the tree again, because it’s dumb … Read more