Mama And Two Baby Bears Saved From A Culvert (Photos)

Photos used in this story are with the permission of Libby Lord Photography. In the past few weeks, there has been a real uptick in bear sightings, we had one at our house in Lanesborough where the bear was taller than my six-foot-one-inch hubby on the porch, taking out the garbage which I think the … Read more

Dog Camps Offer Training and Off-Leash Adventures to Eager Pups | Animals | Seven Days

click to enlarge On Wednesday mornings, my husband, Tom O’Connor, and I know not to say the day of the week out loud. We don’t dare even whisper the name “JR.” Then, 10 minutes before JR Miller is due to arrive at our home, we take out the blue body suit that Lenny, our dog, … Read more