‘Kool-Aid Man’ TikTok stunt has bozos busting through fences

Are TikTok users pretending to be the Kool-Aid Man by running headlong through fences? Oh yeahsay aggrieved homeowners from Staten Island to Idaho. The sophomoric stunt — one that’s been documented nationwide since the summer — has TikTokers barreling into property enclosures in destructive homages to the Kool-Aid Man from the brand’s vintage commercials of … Read more

‘High’ of being TikTok famous is killing millennials, Gen Zs

Tessie Hires’ son was dying to be famous — and a deadly TikTok stunt sealed his fate. “If I would have known about some of the dangerous things he was doing in his TikTok videos, as his mother, I would have stopped him and he’d still be here with me,” Hires, 37, told The Post … Read more

Most ridiculous trends of 2021: NFTs, Bing Bong, more

Another year, another internet rock bottom. As if the trends from years past couldn’t get worse, somehow they always do. This year, TikTok had us in a chokehold — we couldn’t escape the echoing sounds of “good soup” or yet another “challenge.” Looking back, we can say with 100% certainty that these were the most … Read more