(VIDEO) North Dakota Man Braves The Blizzard Wearing Only A G-Str

Snowpocalypse Of 2022 For the past few days, our great state has been getting an enormous amount of snow. Total accumulation ranges from 20 to 30 inches! It’s certainly not the worst storm North Dakota’s seen, but it is one for the books. The Boredom Sets In This snow is heavy and wet, so many … Read more

‘High’ of being TikTok famous is killing millennials, Gen Zs

Tessie Hires’ son was dying to be famous — and a deadly TikTok stunt sealed his fate. “If I would have known about some of the dangerous things he was doing in his TikTok videos, as his mother, I would have stopped him and he’d still be here with me,” Hires, 37, told The Post … Read more

Shady TikTok challenge has moms sharing ‘Ugly Baby’ photos

Being Gerber baby cute may be more difficult than you think. TikTok’s latest trend, the “Ugly Baby Challenge,” has moms flooding the app with faces only a mother could love. Specifically, photos of their babies at their worst moments — poking fun by sharing their newborn photos and how ugly they apparently once looked. Each … Read more

This Adorable Maine Pup Will Star in The Annual Puppy Bowl Today

As everyone knows, today is one of the biggest TV days of the year. And you don’t have to be a die-hard football fan to enjoy it either. Sure, the battle between the two top teams in the NFL is usually the highlight of the day, however don’t forget about all those delicious snacks, hilarious … Read more

Little ‘diva’ barks at Elf on the Shelf for drawing on her face

What the elf did he do to her face? One merrily mischievous Elf on the Shelf may have taken his naughty antics too far when he cheekily drew glasses, freckles and the word “Hi” on the face of little “diva” Iyla Crawford while she was sleeping. “Nah, it’s not funny. I’ve got school,” lamented Crawford, … Read more