TikTok ‘Couch guy’ goes viral as users try to identify mystery man

Will the real “couch guy” please stand up? TikTok users are in a frenzy, frantically trying to determine the identity of a college student caught cozying up on a couch with a woman who is not his girlfriend. The mystery man, who is being dubbed “couch guy,” was featured in a TikTok video uploaded by … Read more

Dirtbag Nachos Are the Official Lunch of Feral Girl Summer

Photo: Kayo (Shutterstock) Look outside. What do you see? If you see hordes of barefoot, wild-eyed women forming a wall of unshaven bodies like that scene from World War Z, don’t be alarmed. It’s just Feral Girl Summer, a term TikTokers are using to describe a summer of chaotic, carefree, hedonistic behavior. Of course, even … Read more

Ukraine attack: Russia is using Chinese app Tiktok to shape opinion through orchestrated disinformation

Russia is using Chinese app Tiktok to shape opinion through orchestrated disinformation as it continues to push through its invasion of Ukraine. From cat memes to puppies, the app has become Russia’s new propaganda front to stir up anti-Ukrainian sentiment. State-controlled media outlets look to divide Western audiences. The head of Russia’s state-run RT television … Read more

Amber Heard’s ‘My dog ​​stepped on a bee’ testimonyed on TikTok

The Johnny Depp-Amber Heard defamation trial has been dominating headlines for weeks with dramatic and disturbing claims of abuse. But a new, seemingly random tidbit from Heard has become TikTok’s newest obsession. A snippet from her testimony on May 4 has gone viral with TikTok users writing rhymes to make poems inspired by her recollection. … Read more

Detroit TikTok star busted for 4 armed robberies after cops recognized his custom Nike sneakers

A TikTok star from Detroit was busted for four armed robberies after police recognized his custom Nike sneakers and pink-tipped hair from his social media dancing clips. Chozen Terrell-Hannah was arrested on February 23 following an FBI raid on his home in Redford Township. He now faces charges of robbery which affected interstate commerce and … Read more

Women are being scarred by botched DIY freckles from TikTok beauty trend

Young women are being scarred by botched DIY freckles after injecting henna or black ink across their cheeks in TikTok beauty trend Videos on TikTok show people using henna to give themselves trendy freckles The trend is believed to have been inspired the Meghan, Duchess of Sussex Clinics have reported an increase in woman seeking … Read more

On ‘SNL,’ TikTok Stars Advise Biden on How To Stop Putin

Finally, a cold open the show deserves. After a season of duds, Saturday Night Live started on a high, with the White House hosting a national security summit with TikTokers. “I suggested it as a joke, and then it actually happened,” sighed Kate McKinnon‘s White House press secretary Jen Psaki. But James Austin Johnson‘s President … Read more

Netflix viewers are horrified by ‘messed-up’ and VERY graphic sex scene in Brand New Cherry Flavor

An incredibly graphic and ‘disturbing’ sex scene has left Netflix viewers in uproar – with many complaining that they have been ‘scarred for life’ by the gruesome footage from horror drama series Brand New Cherry Flavor. The bizarre series was originally released on the streaming site in August 2021, however a particularly ‘messed-up’ scene from … Read more

Inside the dangerous TikTok hoax

This skeleton is out of the closet. The “Skeleton Brunch” is the newest TikTok trend that never existed. Despite tweets referencing “Skeleton Brunch” and global outlets attempting to explain the craze, there are no TikToks dedicated to the faux trend. Twitter users have been sharing pictures of skeletons seated around a table set with brunch … Read more

Kylie Jenner fans go wild after TikTok user digs up old Instagram photos of reality star

Kylie Jenner fans have expressed their shock at her changing appearance after a TikTok user uncovered some of her oldest Instagram photos. Kylie, 23, was criticized for looking ‘plastic’ during the Keeping Up With The Kardashians reunion which aired over the past week. And with new photos unearthed, fans have been commenting on how the … Read more