TikTok and Twitch Streamers Are Trading Sleep for Cash

TikTok and Twitch Streamers Are Trading Sleep for Cash

Every second Saturday between the hours of midnight and 4:20 am, 26-year-old Mikkel Nielsen is tortured with loud noises, flashing lights, and electric shocks. With a camera pointed at his cartoon bedding, the Dane tries to sleep while around 1,000 people watch live on Twitch. Typically, around a hundred of these viewers donate money during … Read more

Nurse faces backlash for posting TikTok after patient dies

A nurse is facing a wave of backlash after posting a TikTok video of herself crying after one of her patients died. TikTok user olivia_tylerr33 posted the emotional video on June 17 captioned: “It never gets easier.” “Lost a patient today,” states the video’s caption as she paces back and forth in the hospital hallway. … Read more

TikTok user says she got job rejected reversed by sending this meme

A job candidate says she briefly turned a rejection around when she sent over a meme in place of a standard “thank you” email. Carly Swanson, a resident of Virginia, claims she applied to a job then received a rejection, email from the company on Thursday July 14. The company reportedly changed its stance and … Read more

‘Corn kid inspires a catchy banger on TikTok

If you were anywhere near the internet this month, you probably felt the contagious joy spread by “corn kid,” an adorable young boy whose unbridled love of the delicious, buttery starch veg went viral online. The wholesome moment originally came from the popular kid interview series “Recess Therapy,” with host Julian Shapiro-Barnum, but quickly sprouted … Read more

Kim Kardashian struggles to down liquor while taking part in TikTok’s ‘first shot’ trend

Kim Kardashian showed off her toned figure as she struggled to down shots during Kylie Jenner’s 25th birthday party on Thursday. The businesswoman, 41, was taking part in TikTok’s recent ‘first shot’ trend – where partygoers are all filmed having their first strong drink for a compilation video. In the clip shared by Kylie’s BFF … Read more

Vet goes viral after revealing the best and worst dog breeds

A vet has caused a stir online after she revealed her top five most and least favorite dog breeds, basing her list on personality, health issues and behaviors. Whitney Terrell, who has over 74 thousand followers on TikTok, explained why she was and wasn’t a fan of each dog across two separate videos which collectively … Read more

I wanted revenge on my neighbor’s barking dog — so I put ‘Who let the Dogs Out’ on repeat

“Alexa, play ‘Who Let the Dogs Out’ by Baha Men, on repeat, for as long as you can.” TikTok user Saphire Jess is going viral for the passive-aggressive method she’s allegedly using to try and get her neighbor to shut their dog up. “PETTY LEVEL: When your neighbors dog barks from 5 pm until 3 … Read more

Footage of an orangutan grabbing a man through a cage has gone viral and been turned it into a meme on TikTok

A video of an orangutan grabbing a man through the bars of its cage has gone viral on Twitter. The orangutan held onto the man’s leg in the video, appearing to try and put his foot in its mouth. A video of an orangutan who reached through its cage to grab a man trying to … Read more

TikTok Taken Over by Dance to the Mountain Goats’ “No Children”

You might be mindlessly scrolling through TikTok and suddenly you find yourself crying. Why? Because the Mountain Goats are playing “No Children” and you’re watching people do a dance to a very sad song about divorce. As Vox points out, no one really knows why it happened, but it is the latest dance trend to … Read more

Meet the faces behind Bluey: Voice actors seen in viral TikTok videos

Meet the faces behind Bluey: Viral TikTok videos show the voice actors recording dialogue for the beloved Aussie children’s TV series By A. James For Daily Mail Australia Published: 22:00 EDT, 16 June 2022 | Updated: 02:14 EDT, 17 June 2022 A series of viral TikTok videos have taken fans behind the scenes of the … Read more