Ready. Set. Go. You may need one…or two of these.

Grab a tissue. This is one of those things that will make you say, “OMG babe…look!” Maybe that is just me, but it happens daily when I am looking at these sites. If I could have a small farm with 50 animals ranging from cows, miniature horses, pigs, dogs, and cats, I would be so … Read more

Looking To Rent In Bozeman? Do You Have A Pet? Well…Good Luck.

I know, I know. We talk a whole lot about the housing situation here in Bozeman. From the cost to how hard it is to find a place, we’re all familiar with the stories and the current situation here in town. However what if you need a place to live here in Bozeman AND you … Read more

Wine & Liquor To-Go Is Back In New York State

Remember during the pandemic, you were able to purchase wine and liquor to go in the State of New York? That allowance ended back in June of 2021. Well, now it’s back for the next three years. During the time it was allowed, alcohol to-go was very popular and profitable for businesses, especially during the … Read more

Michigan Rescue Dog Missing for 8 Months Captured in Warren

If only Oakley could talk, he’d probably share some wild tales about being on the road, escaping captivity for eight months. Oakley’s Story Oakley is an Australian Cattle Dog that was rescued from an abusive situation last summer. After just two weeks in a rescue home, Oakley’s attention was caught by a stray cat and … Read more

Dress Up Your Dog Like Snoop Dogg For Tickets To Snoop Dogg

Get ready, Quad Cities! Snoop Dog is bringing the Dogg Daze of Blaze Tour to the TaxSlayer Center in Moline on Thursday, April 21st! Snoop is bringing with him Ice Cube and Warren G, and B100 has your chance to win tickets to the show! But your dog and imagination are going to be helping … Read more

Superbad actor still receiving royalty checks after 15 years

You may remember Casey Margolis as the child actor who played a young version of Jonah Hill’s Seth character in the hit comedy of the 2000s. Very bad. Now 15 years after the movie debuted, Margulies is still cashing property checks. Margolis recently took to TikTok where he boldly revealed how much he’s still making … Read more

Kotzebue Iron Dog participants race to raise awareness about suicide

With six Iron Dogs and 75 local races under his belt, Chris Collins thought he was done with the sport of snowmaking. But when his younger brother died after committing suicide in August, Collins decided he needed to get back into racing and “spread a message of hope.” Collins teamed up with Doug Wicken at … Read more

Freshpet: Top 5 Suggested Parenting Habits From the Beginning

Have you heard the expression that building new habits is easier than changing existing ones? Well, this also applies to the habits you form as a pet parent! Making an effort to build good habits as a new pet parent will help ensure your pet can have a long and happy life. Invest in healthy, … Read more

Man rescues abandoned dog, animal watcher sends weather warning – CBS Detroit

(CBS Detroit) – Calvin Hannah says he’s an animal lover and has three dogs of his own, so when he saw a pitbull left deserted and chained to a lamppost, he had to help him. “I got close to the dog to sort of feel it,” Hannah said. Read more: Residential valuations in Detroit are … Read more

Best TikTok Videos: Funny TikTok Videos to help you get Tiktok

LongBoyeFurb /Joshpls / koobydoobydoobydoo / TikTok TikTok, the short video app that local teens are interested in, can feel like a mystery to strangers and/or people over the age of 24. With a somewhat aloof culture constantly re-incorporating popular voices and visible gags into new horrors, there is plenty to go along with this joke … Read more