Can You Guess? Rockford BBB Says This Is The #1 Scam In Illinois

Wouldn’t it be great if we had so few scams going in Illinois that you could easily guess which scam claims the most victims here in our state? Well, we don’t, and you can’t. Maybe if you’re someone who closely follows scam alerts you might get lucky and guess it correctly, but with so many … Read more

Mama And Two Baby Bears Saved From A Culvert (Photos)

Photos used in this story are with the permission of Libby Lord Photography. In the past few weeks, there has been a real uptick in bear sightings, we had one at our house in Lanesborough where the bear was taller than my six-foot-one-inch hubby on the porch, taking out the garbage which I think the … Read more

China’s Animal Cruelty Economy –

WARNING: This article describes acts of cruelty towards animals some readers might find distressing. In a room, a group of students sit on the floor, squeeze onto chairs and stand huddled in corners. They are all eager to get a glimpse of a dog trainer who has one of the largest social media followings in … Read more

You’re not a stakeholder, you’re a product owner

Enterprises make so many mistakes in the commissioning and maintaining of software and applications, but one of the most fundamental is the definition of ‘stakeholder’ in a project. Most enterprise employees who are anointed with this hallowed title take this to mean ‘someone who can demand things’ at worst, to ‘subject matter expert’ at best. … Read more

Butcher Shop Celebrates Grand Opening in Central City, Kentucky

A locally owned retail butcher shop with custom processing recently opened in Muhlenberg County. Farmstead Butcher Block will hold its Grand Opening on Friday, July 29th, 2022. It’s safe to say that I could NEVER be a vegetarian. For one thing, I only like potatoes, corn, and tomatoes. So, it would be a tough lifestyle … Read more

These Illinois Summer Grocery Items Are More Expensive Than Ever

Yesterday, we talked about the hardest items to find in Illinois grocery stores. Today, instead of covering more items that are in short supply, I thought we could take a look at foods you can find–but you’ll be paying a lot more for them than you’re used to paying. You’ll notice the cookout theme that … Read more

NYS Trooper Tries to Save Dog Stuck In Pipe! How’d She Get There?

What can you say about dogs? There may not be enough words to describe the love they can bring into your home. Dogs can be your best friend and sometimes your only friend. They are there through all of your breakups and makeups and they love you unconditionally. Dogs are truly a member of the … Read more

Molly’s Mutts Animal Rescue in Dixon, Kentucky Has Closed

Dr. Whitney Winstead and the fabulous team at Molly’s Mutts Animal Rescue worked tirelessly to save animals all over Kentucky for ten years. As they close their doors we want to thank them for their service and sacrifice. Ulet Ifansasti/Getty ImagesUlet Ifansasti/Getty Images I’ve followed Molly’s Mutts Animal Rescue for years. We helped promote their … Read more

Is ‘Krissed’ the New Rickroll? Kris Jenner TikTok Meme Explained

Have you been “Krissed” yet? There’s a new meme format sweeping TikTok right now that involves Kris Jenner, and some people are saying that it is the new Rickroll. Anyone who has been online in recent years is familiar with how the Rickroll works. In case you need a refresher, it misdirects internet users to … Read more

This Plant is Now Flowering In Illinois–And It Can Kill You

It’s known by many names; devil’s bread, devil’s porridge, poison parsley, carrot fern, California fern, winter fern, and others–but you’ve probably heard the name before. Conium maculatumor more commonly, poison hemlock. And as for the part about it being able to kill you, if you doubt me, remember what happened to Socrates when he chugged … Read more