Taking a look at the work needed to train a dog to help those with disabilities

Group details training needed to transform dogs into service dogs Dogs are cute, furry, lovable best friends, but for some people, they are a lifeline of sorts. FOX 10’s Irene Snyder has more on the work that is needed to train one. PHOENIX – Dogs are cute, furry, lovable best friends, but for some people, … Read more

This Plant is Now Flowering In Illinois–And It Can Kill You

It’s known by many names; devil’s bread, devil’s porridge, poison parsley, carrot fern, California fern, winter fern, and others–but you’ve probably heard the name before. Conium maculatumor more commonly, poison hemlock. And as for the part about it being able to kill you, if you doubt me, remember what happened to Socrates when he chugged … Read more

Amber Heard’s ‘My dog ​​stepped on a bee’ testimonyed on TikTok

The Johnny Depp-Amber Heard defamation trial has been dominating headlines for weeks with dramatic and disturbing claims of abuse. But a new, seemingly random tidbit from Heard has become TikTok’s newest obsession. A snippet from her testimony on May 4 has gone viral with TikTok users writing rhymes to make poems inspired by her recollection. … Read more

New activities coming to Genesee Fair | Top Story

BATAVIA — The 2022 Genesee County Fair is a little less than three months away, but a Genesee County Agricultural Society said there will be some new features when people come to the county Fairgrounds July 22-30. Agricultural Society Treasurer Norman Pimm said kids will have the chance to play with remote control race cars. … Read more

Nancy Pelosi sparks new SOTU meme during Biden ‘burn pits’ moment

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi drew massive attention on social media during President Biden’s State of the Union address Tuesday evening for her oddly giddy reaction to Biden’s remarks about “burn pits” in the Middle East. During his address, the president outlined four items in a “Unity Agenda for the Nation” that included support for US … Read more