New Netflix Comedy Quickly Conquers Top 10

It looks like Netflix finally has another hit original film on its hands. Over the last couple of weeks, the most popular films on Netflix have largely been recently acquired titles from decades past. Movies like US Marshals have been dominant forces for the streaming service, with original titles like Operation Mincemeat sneaking up to … Read more

One of Adam Sandler’s Most Beloved Movies Arrives in the Netflix Top 10

Long live the King of Netflix. Adam Sandler and Netflix have had an incredibly fruitful partnership over the last several years. The Sandman produces and stars in exclusive films for Netflix, many of which have seen successful streaming debuts. Murder Mystery, which stars Sandler and Jennifer Aniston, is one of the biggest films in Netflix … Read more

Surprising Robert Downey Jr. Movie is the #1 Film on Netflix

A movie starring Robert Downey Jr. Being incredibly popular in 2022 probably doesn’t come as much of a surprise to anyone. After anchoring the Marvel Cinematic Universe for more than a decade, Downey is one of the most popular stars on the entire planet. One of his films was recently added to Netflix and quickly … Read more