Can You Guess? Rockford BBB Says This Is The #1 Scam In Illinois

Can You Guess?  Rockford BBB Says This Is The #1 Scam In Illinois

Wouldn’t it be great if we had so few scams going in Illinois that you could easily guess which scam claims the most victims here in our state? Well, we don’t, and you can’t. Maybe if you’re someone who closely follows scam alerts you might get lucky and guess it correctly, but with so many … Read more

These Illinois Summer Grocery Items Are More Expensive Than Ever

Yesterday, we talked about the hardest items to find in Illinois grocery stores. Today, instead of covering more items that are in short supply, I thought we could take a look at foods you can find–but you’ll be paying a lot more for them than you’re used to paying. You’ll notice the cookout theme that … Read more

This Plant is Now Flowering In Illinois–And It Can Kill You

It’s known by many names; devil’s bread, devil’s porridge, poison parsley, carrot fern, California fern, winter fern, and others–but you’ve probably heard the name before. Conium maculatumor more commonly, poison hemlock. And as for the part about it being able to kill you, if you doubt me, remember what happened to Socrates when he chugged … Read more

Illinois man allegedly shot neighbor’s dog in front of child

An Illinois man shot his neighbor’s dog in the head at point-blank range as its horrified owners — a young girl — took the pooch for an evening walk, prosecutors said. John Fazzini, 61, was arrested Tuesday in the March 10 shooting of an 8-year-old German shepherd mix named Jameson while walking his own dog, … Read more

Dress Up Your Dog Like Snoop Dogg For Tickets To Snoop Dogg

Get ready, Quad Cities! Snoop Dog is bringing the Dogg Daze of Blaze Tour to the TaxSlayer Center in Moline on Thursday, April 21st! Snoop is bringing with him Ice Cube and Warren G, and B100 has your chance to win tickets to the show! But your dog and imagination are going to be helping … Read more

Finding Avocados In Illinois Might Get Tough Soon–Here’s Why

US authorities suspended avocado imports from Mexico just hours before the Super Bowl, and then said yesterday that shipments of Mexican avocados would be stopped for “as long as necessary.” For Illinois’ avocado lovers, this situation could turn into a long-lasting import shutdown, rising prices, and the chance that there could be a full-blown avocado … Read more