Best TikTok Videos: Funny TikTok Videos to help you get Tiktok

LongBoyeFurb /Joshpls / koobydoobydoobydoo / TikTok TikTok, the short video app that local teens are interested in, can feel like a mystery to strangers and/or people over the age of 24. With a somewhat aloof culture constantly re-incorporating popular voices and visible gags into new horrors, there is plenty to go along with this joke … Read more

Free Online Dog Training Lessons: Learn how to train your dog from home

Oscity / shutterstock Only in early February did Coors Light offer to cover the costs of adopting dogs as a way to help shelters, as well as those who were hopelessly single during “cuff season.” Since then, the world of adoption has changed dramatically. Handcuff season was abruptly interrupted by “pandemic season,” which has been … Read more