“City of Peasant Living”: South Miami Sign Vandalized After Panhandling Law Passes

The welcome sign at the entrance to the City of South Miami touts the Miami-Dade suburb as “The City of Pleasant Living.” But in a recent instance of either cosmic iron or cynical vandalism shared on social media by Islandia Journal publisher Jason Katz, the letter L on the sign has gone missing, and the … Read more

Homeless teen and his dog he surrendered are reunited in Mississippi

A homeless teen has been given shelter and reunited with his pup after a community rallied around the pair following a heartwrenching and selfless story of surrender. The anonymous 17-year-old arrived at the Senatobia-Tate County Animal Shelter in Mississippi with a Rottweiler/German shepherd puppy named Jada and a bag of dog food. “He came in … Read more