Freshpet : Best Podcasts for New Pet Parents

When preparing to bring home a new addition, many pet parents will scour the web for videos and blogs that will prepare them for what’s to come. What they don’t realize is that they’re missing an entire category of resources – podcasts! There are numerous podcasts dedicated to helping pet parents navigate this new and … Read more

Tony Armstrong on confronting racism, why he’s not afraid to fail and his new show, A Dog’s World

It seems like a rather harsh judgement, particularly when you consider how few people ever make it to play in the AFL, but Tony Armstrong regards his football career as a failure. Armstrong played 35 games across three clubs, the Adelaide Crows, Sydney Swans and Collingwood, from 2007 to 2015 before hanging up his boots … Read more

Dog’s death at Utah training program prompts calls for state oversight

SALT LAKE CITY – A Utah couple didn’t expect to see their dog again for three weeks, entrusting him to a trainer to break his habit of aggression toward new dogs. But Ashley Stone and Lane Lawrence rushed to a veterinary hospital two days later, where a team worked overnight but ultimately couldn’t save their … Read more

Channing Tatum on ‘Dog,’ ‘Magic Mike,’ Marvel and his hiatus

NEW YORK (AP) — Not since 2017’s “Logan Lucky” has Channing Tatum been the lead in a film. It’s been a confounding hiatus for one of Hollywood’s top stars — (Gawker once deemed him the actor the icon of “newmasculinity” who has playfully, goofily, sometimes shirtlessly redefined male movie stardom. America agrees on very little, … Read more

What Will Pandemic Puppies Do When We Return to Offices?

Bowen the goldendoodle is never home alone. When he first came home as a puppy, last June, his parents were working remotely because of the pandemic. If they try to leave their Boston apartment for even a few minutes now, he makes his unhappiness audible. “He’s whining and barking, and we just don’t want to … Read more