How to Choose the Proper Pedigree for Your Puppy

Our attention, training, opportunities, and environments all factor into a puppy’s development. They should all be considered before we decide on exactly what litter our next pick comes from. (Photo By: Mark Atwater) Puppy shopping can be a daunting process. Even when you’ve narrowed down your chosen breed, you’re still likely to have dozens of … Read more

Can a Bird Dog Make a Good Family Pet?

Is there a difference between a bird dog and a pet? (Photo By: Kali Parmley) Many people fondly remember their father’s old hunting dog as the dog that was never allowed in the house, but instead kept in the kennel and only allowed to run loose while hunting. That construct, and the dogs it encompassed, … Read more

How to Avoid Common Puppy Training Problems

If the pedigree lines up with the hunting you’re asking a dog to do, it’s nearly a certainty that it’ll come in due time if you just do your part. (Photo By: Mike Clingan) May 16, 2022 By Tony J. Peterson What dogs tell us, without saying a thing, could fill volumes. As the 2020 … Read more

So, You Want to Get Your First Bird Dog?

Having your dream hunting dog depends on your selection of both breed and breeder. (Photo By: Chris Ingram) You have been thinking about getting a hunting dog. This quickly morphs to you absolutely need a hunting dog. All sorts of rationalizations emerge. You shot down all the negatives except for the nagging things like what … Read more