Dirtbag Nachos Are the Official Lunch of Feral Girl Summer

Dirtbag Nachos Are the Official Lunch of Feral Girl Summer

Photo: Kayo (Shutterstock) Look outside. What do you see? If you see hordes of barefoot, wild-eyed women forming a wall of unshaven bodies like that scene from World War Z, don’t be alarmed. It’s just Feral Girl Summer, a term TikTokers are using to describe a summer of chaotic, carefree, hedonistic behavior. Of course, even … Read more

How to protect pets’ bowls from bacterial contaminants

CNN — How we feed our pets, store their food and wash their dishes can have negative health consequences if not done properly – for both humans and animals. There have been multiple outbreaks of illnesses among humans after exposure to E. coli- and salmonella-contaminated dog food, which has been more likely in commercial and … Read more

Ostrich? Rattlesnake? Rabbit? This Denver hot dog institution has it | Craving Colorado | Lifestyle

Did he ever think he would be the name in hot dogs known all around Denver? No, says the ponytailed Biker Jim of Biker Jim’s Gourmet Dogs, putting it more bluntly in his common language that we can’t print: “(Expletive) no!” Jim Pittenger says. “I was just tired of sitting in a truck by myself … Read more