Dog goes viral on TikTok after ‘talking’ back to his owner in hilarious videos

A sassy dog ​​has become a viral sensation after videos of him appearing to ‘talk’ back to his owner left thousands of TikTok users stunned. Diesel, an eight-year-old Alaskan malamute who lives with his owner Allie Piro, 24, in Michigan, has proven time and time again that his bark really can be worse than his … Read more

TikTokers try bizarre trend where they spray hair color on their face to create fake freckles

Beauty lovers use HAIR DYE to give themselves fake freckles in bizarre new trend sweeping the internet – and it doesn’t always go to plan Beauty lovers are trying a new trend to give themselves fake freckles on TikTok TikTokers are spraying a temporary hair color on their faces to create freckles Videos of makeup … Read more

Netflix viewers are horrified by ‘messed-up’ and VERY graphic sex scene in Brand New Cherry Flavor

An incredibly graphic and ‘disturbing’ sex scene has left Netflix viewers in uproar – with many complaining that they have been ‘scarred for life’ by the gruesome footage from horror drama series Brand New Cherry Flavor. The bizarre series was originally released on the streaming site in August 2021, however a particularly ‘messed-up’ scene from … Read more

This Morning vet Dr Scott Miller reveals common canine behaviors owners misinterpret in new book

While many dog ​​owners would like to believe they know their pooch inside out, it could be possible that some of their subtle signals may not mean exactly what you think they do. In his new book Puppy Parenting, Dr Scott Miller has debunked popular myths about what your dog’s behavior actually means – from … Read more

Ukrainian photographer goes viral with TikTok diary of her life in a bomb shelter

A Ukrainian woman has become a viral sensation after sharing her daily life in a bomb shelter on TikTok – including cooking pasta to ‘pretend she’s in a Michelin-starred restaurant’ and going on daily walks to see her ‘bombed out city’. Valeria Shashenok, 20, has racked up more than 60 million views on the app, … Read more

Her Majesty’s love of Royal Windsor Horse Show stretches back almost 80 years

It remains unclear how many engagements the Queen will be able to carry out in person this year as she continues to struggle with mobility issues, but the organiser of the Royal Windsor Horse Show is hopeful she will still attend. Her Majesty, who celebrates her 96th birthday later this month, would typically have a … Read more

Man, 34, who suffered third-degree burns in house fire aged three has TikTok sensation

A survivor who suffered third-degree burns in a horrific house fire when he was just three years old has become a viral sensation on TikTok. In 1990, Kenny Matthews, 34, from Sacramento, California, saw his life change overnight when a blaze left 90 per cent of his body covered in burns. Kenny was playing with … Read more

Tory MP Dehenna Davison surprises fans by sharing her morning routine on TikTok

She broke down barriers when she became the first female Conservative MP to come out as bisexual. Now, Dehenna Davison might be the first to set a trend of Tory TikTokers. Davison, 28, who caused shockwaves when she turned the ‘Red Wall’ Labor seat of Bishop Auckland blue, has shared details of her morning routine … Read more