Mequon dog trainer named to canine version of Olympics

MEQUON, Wis. — One of the best dog agility trainers in the country lives in Mequon. For the first time in her career, Rachel Evers is a member of Team USA and will be at the Olympics-equivalent for dog agility competitions. Evers will be in Austria in September for the Agility World Championships with the … Read more

More owners speak out about animal abuse in Lena, RPSO investigates claims

LENA, La. (KALB) – On Wednesday, August 10, videos that appear to show dogs being abused at Cypress Arrow Kennel and K-9 Academy began circulating on social media. Those videos quickly spread across the country and calls began for the academy in Lena to be shut down. Kayci Gonzales’ dog, Yassie, is in one of … Read more

How to train your dog in basic ‘life’ skills – and why it’s important

Every year at Crufts, the UK’s largest dog show, canines, and their people can participate in all manner of exciting competitions. Whether heelwork-to-music (essentially dancing with dogs) or obedience, or the high-speed relay races of flyball, it can be a marvelous feast of fun for performance dogs. Of course, the reality is that most companion … Read more

How to Avoid Common Puppy Injuries and Accidents

A young pup holds so many future promises but it’s up to us to protect them from getting hurt. (Photo By: Tony J. Peterson) June 08, 2022 By Tony J. Peterson It’s common to hear people comment on how cute puppies are, with the qualifier that if they weren’t adorable, we wouldn’t keep them. All … Read more

Bill to protect dog families and pets from unqualified trainers passes California State Assembly committee

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KGO) — A bill inspired by a series of 7 On Your Side stories about dogs who were killed or left severely injured passed its first hurdle today in the California State Assembly. There are no qualifications or requirements for anyone to call themselves a dog trainer… and that has lead to some … Read more

Owner shares dog’s painful death to warn against ‘e-collar’ shock collars

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) — The use of electronic collars, or “e-collars,” to shock an animal to train them is currently being debated in the legislature. Some families blame those collars for harming and even killing their dogs. A bill from Assemblyperson Adrin Nazarian would require dog trainers to disclose their methods before selling their services. … Read more

Can a Bird Dog Make a Good Family Pet?

Is there a difference between a bird dog and a pet? (Photo By: Kali Parmley) Many people fondly remember their father’s old hunting dog as the dog that was never allowed in the house, but instead kept in the kennel and only allowed to run loose while hunting. That construct, and the dogs it encompassed, … Read more

How to Avoid Common Puppy Training Problems

If the pedigree lines up with the hunting you’re asking a dog to do, it’s nearly a certainty that it’ll come in due time if you just do your part. (Photo By: Mike Clingan) May 16, 2022 By Tony J. Peterson What dogs tell us, without saying a thing, could fill volumes. As the 2020 … Read more

Basic dog training you can do at home | Pets

Like any other relationship, the best dog training is about building trust. Training isn’t about control. It’s first and foremost about communication and managing the situations a dog is put in. Every cue or command is a conversation between you and your dog. Dogs don’t come into the world knowing how to live within the … Read more

Investigation open after eight dogs die at local dog training business

PORTSMOUTH, Va. – Ten-month-old Max brought a lot of smiles to everyone he met. Even though he was technically a Rottweiler and not a human, he was a member of Chris Kowalski’s family. “He was awesome,” Kowalski said. Max was already a good boy when they got him, but Kowalski and his son wanted the … Read more