Meet the faces behind Bluey: Voice actors seen in viral TikTok videos

Meet the faces behind Bluey: Viral TikTok videos show the voice actors recording dialogue for the beloved Aussie children’s TV series By A. James For Daily Mail Australia Published: 22:00 EDT, 16 June 2022 | Updated: 02:14 EDT, 17 June 2022 A series of viral TikTok videos have taken fans behind the scenes of the … Read more

Dog goes viral on TikTok after ‘talking’ back to his owner in hilarious videos

A sassy dog ​​has become a viral sensation after videos of him appearing to ‘talk’ back to his owner left thousands of TikTok users stunned. Diesel, an eight-year-old Alaskan malamute who lives with his owner Allie Piro, 24, in Michigan, has proven time and time again that his bark really can be worse than his … Read more

Russian special forces Belgian Malinois dog switches sides after it was found by Ukrainian soldiers

An abandoned Russian war dog has swapped sides – and is now saving Ukrainian soldiers on the battlefield. Belgian Malinois Max, 3, was found starving by Ukrainians in the Mykolaiv region and was nursed back to health. He has now been redeployed as a minesweeping dog after being taught to understand Ukrainian commands. Dmitry, a … Read more

A day in the war zone with Patron: Ukraine’s sniffer dog hero has detected over 200 Russian mines

As the Russian shells explode, everyone takes cover – apart from Patron, who doesn’t even flinch. But then Patron is a national hero, recently awarded a medal for valor by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, has 250,000 Instagram followers and is the star of billboards symbolizing his country’s defiance of Vladimir Putin. Patron the Jack Russell … Read more

Black birder threatened by ‘Central Park Karen’ to host birdwatching show on National Geographic

A black comic book artist and scientist who was threatening with the police by a white woman after telling her to leash her dog has landed his own TV show. Christian Cooper will star in National Geographic’s Extraordinary Birder, the network announced Friday. Cooper, 59, was confronted by Amy Cooper in New York’s Central Park … Read more

MEGHAN MCCAIN: Cawthorn’s humiliating loss is a warning to all dog and pony show politicians fellow

There’s a special kind of humiliation in politics when you have already been elected party to office, are serving your constituents and after one term, you lose your primary’s primary. On Tuesday night, the notorious and wildly-famous-for-a-freshman-congressman, Madison Cawthorn joined that dreaded one term and primaried club. There is a specific sting that comes with … Read more

Detroit TikTok star busted for 4 armed robberies after cops recognized his custom Nike sneakers

A TikTok star from Detroit was busted for four armed robberies after police recognized his custom Nike sneakers and pink-tipped hair from his social media dancing clips. Chozen Terrell-Hannah was arrested on February 23 following an FBI raid on his home in Redford Township. He now faces charges of robbery which affected interstate commerce and … Read more

Women are being scarred by botched DIY freckles from TikTok beauty trend

Young women are being scarred by botched DIY freckles after injecting henna or black ink across their cheeks in TikTok beauty trend Videos on TikTok show people using henna to give themselves trendy freckles The trend is believed to have been inspired the Meghan, Duchess of Sussex Clinics have reported an increase in woman seeking … Read more

TikTokers try bizarre trend where they spray hair color on their face to create fake freckles

Beauty lovers use HAIR DYE to give themselves fake freckles in bizarre new trend sweeping the internet – and it doesn’t always go to plan Beauty lovers are trying a new trend to give themselves fake freckles on TikTok TikTokers are spraying a temporary hair color on their faces to create freckles Videos of makeup … Read more

Michelle Dockery admits to maintaining secret social media account for her dog to ‘stalk everyone’

Michelle Dockery admitted that she maintains a secret social media account for her dog on Monday’s episode of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on NBC. The 40-year-old English actress, known for playing Lady Mary Talbot in the Downton Abbey franchise, told Jimmy about her undercover account after he described her as being one of … Read more