How to Get Rid of and Prevent Bats Inside of Your Maine Home

The other day I was standing in a friend’s yard in Cumberland when I noticed a small black bird whiz across the sky. It was one swift motion I saw out of the corner of my eye. It caught my attention and as I looked for it again I noticed multiple small black birds darting … Read more

Can You Guess? Rockford BBB Says This Is The #1 Scam In Illinois

Wouldn’t it be great if we had so few scams going in Illinois that you could easily guess which scam claims the most victims here in our state? Well, we don’t, and you can’t. Maybe if you’re someone who closely follows scam alerts you might get lucky and guess it correctly, but with so many … Read more

Here Are The Most Pet Friendly Cities In NJ, NY and PA

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Mama And Two Baby Bears Saved From A Culvert (Photos)

Photos used in this story are with the permission of Libby Lord Photography. In the past few weeks, there has been a real uptick in bear sightings, we had one at our house in Lanesborough where the bear was taller than my six-foot-one-inch hubby on the porch, taking out the garbage which I think the … Read more

Ready for Some Love? Little Poppy is Up for Adoption Today

Today, for Dog Days, we had the pleasure of meeting little Poppy. Poppy is three months old and the sibling to a previously featured Dog Days animal, Cosmo: Cuddly & Kind of Crazy, Baby Cosmo Wants to Join Your Family Unfortunately, most of Poppy’s siblings have been adopted leaving her feeling a bit lonely at … Read more

Is It Legal To Smash A Car Window To Save A Dog In Massachusetts?

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Fun Video of MA Bear Playing with Stick in Water

As summer in Berkshire County continues to press forward, we’re coming across some entertaining videos of animals out in nature including this video of an owl caught on camera taking a bath. Obviously, these animals are going about their everyday business but I wonder if they sense there’s a camera on them. I wonder this … Read more

Two Cats in Bangor Are Accused Murderers and Sparking a Debate

It’s been joked about by many for decades — cats are actually killers. I mean, look at this picture: Raquel PedrottiRaquel Pedrotti Tell me that cat isn’t straight up plotting murders in its spare time. It’s impossible to deny. But in all seriousness, there are two types of people in the world — cat people, … Read more

Amber Heard fans slam Doja Cat for mimicking her testimony of ‘dog being stung by a bee’

Days after ranting about her drama with ‘Stranger Things’ actor Noah Schnapp, Doja Cat took over TikTok to share what she intended to be a funny clip. The ‘Planet Her’ hitmaker mimicked Amber Heard’s infamous testimony of her dog being stung by a bee and quickly got served with a backlash on Twitter. The 26-year-old … Read more