Smart Maine Dog Came to Woman’s Rescue After She Lost Her Keys

Wallet. Phone. Keys. Wallet. Phone. Keys? Do any of you do the triple check only to realize you can’t find your keys? And then you’re looking everywhere for them, and of course, they’ve pulled a Houdini on you. We’ve all probably lost our keys at some time or another, and that happened to be the … Read more

Here Are The Most Pet Friendly Cities In NJ, NY and PA

If your pets are your fur babies then naturally you want to live in the best city for them. These were named the best cities to have pets in New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania. Let’s be real, pets are family. In fact, some would argue that they are the best family members because they … Read more

This Plant is Now Flowering In Illinois–And It Can Kill You

It’s known by many names; devil’s bread, devil’s porridge, poison parsley, carrot fern, California fern, winter fern, and others–but you’ve probably heard the name before. Conium maculatumor more commonly, poison hemlock. And as for the part about it being able to kill you, if you doubt me, remember what happened to Socrates when he chugged … Read more