‘She-Hulk’: Star Jameela Jamil and Director Anu Valia on creating The Scariest Villain with Titania

That’s incredibly apparent come Episode 6 when Titania crashes Lulu’s wedding, which Jen is begrudgingly attending as a bridesmaid. Hellbent on bringing down Jen however she can, Titania challenges her to a fight and the ladies go at it. Just when you think we’re going to get the fight of the century, things go horribly amiss.

Valia loved the idea of ​​turning this brewing fight on her head and making it even more tragic for Titania in the end — in the middle of the fight, she falls flat on her face in front of a huge group of people, completely destroying her perfect look and smashing her teeth in the most horribly tragic way. Don’t look at her!

“You think it’s going to be a big fight,” Valia continues. “It plays around with your expectations, and instead, it’s just like, oh, her facade has been ruined and she can’t even think about fighting now because she’s completely humiliated. That’s really all it’s about. It’s not about her beating up She-Hulk. It’s more like she feels so small and her veneer has been broken, quite literally. Because of that, she can’t continue on.”

“She’s so humiliated everyone’s filming her and putting it on [social media],” Jamil adds. “You really see her vulnerability and hopefully feel a bit sorry for her. But she’s just a maniac. I’ve never met anyone quite like her.”

Also, Jamil would like to go on record about those veneers. In between bursts of laughter just thinking about them, she must confess, “those teeth are not my fault. I’m sorry about them! And I so welcome being dragged and meme’d because there’s no excuse for those teeth. I will lead the mob against myself because of those teeth.”

“Those [teeth] were the only ones we had because we wanted to break her veneers. That was what I was given. At least the character is so cartoonish in every other way that I think we almost get away with it. I have great photographs from that I can’t wait to put on the internet. But yeah, I officially apologize for everyone having to see that.”

Even though on-screen Titania’s clearly not having a good time, behind-the-scenes Jamil loved every second of it. “That episode is so well written. That episode was the first thing I was ever sent of the script. I remember just laughing out loud at some of the lines. I get to misbehave so much.”

As she feels the wedding with what little dignity she has left intact (and the wedding cake), it’s hard to not wonder if this the last we’ve seen of Titania and her grudge against Jen? Only time will tell.

“I think that Titania has been taught a lesson and very publicly humbled,” Jamil adds. “For now, she’s going to calm down. But I don’t believe this woman is ever going to stop plotting. I don’t think it’s ever over for Titania until it’s over. I think just, for now, she’s licking her wounds and biding her time. But if they meet again, who knows?”

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