‘She-Hulk’ Episode 6: Jennifer Walters Vs. Lulu’s Wedding

Back at GLK&H, Mallory is meeting with “Mr. Immortal.” He needs help with his divorce case and let’s cut right to the chase: he hates having the “tough conversations” with his partners so instead of asking for a divorce he just…well, he “dies.” He’s Mr. Immortal, after all.

Mallory and Nikki are perplexed to hear this, and quickly unload on him for refusing to talk to his spouses before he ups and outs himself. How could he do this time and time again? And well, seeing where this conversation is quickly heading, and refusing to partake in it, Mr. Immortal jumps out the window. But don’t worry, he’s okay!

However, when forced to face his partners, Mr. Immortal is anything but calm and collected. Half a dozen of his wives (and one husband) from over the years sit at GLK&H complaining about how he swindled them time and time again. When Mallory asks how they all learned about Mr. Immortal’s scheme, one of the women explains that she saw a video of him on Intelligencia — aka “the website for hateful man babies.”

Neither Mallory nor Nikki can really believe that Mr. Immortal got away with killing himself multiple times over the years, and they remind him that these women could press criminal charges, too — he changed his name a dozen times, after all! When a smile creeps over Mallory’s face Mr. Immortal asks what’s going on, and she tells him he’s going to have to pay for what he did, and she’s happy about it.

Mallory proposes that they split Mr. Immortal’s fortune evenly between each partner, which almost goes over well until everyone starts bickering. Why should someone who was married to him for 18 years get the same as someone married to him for three? This is now Nikki’s time to shine, as she figures out what’s the best course of action for everyone: some are reimbursed for funeral costs, others for backpay when they quit their job to help Mr. Immortal run a rare jade shop for two years (shrug), another straight up cash money. As for the biggest grievance, though, that goes to Amy, who gets a sincere apology with meaningful eye contact lasting at least 15 seconds. Scratch that, 20 seconds.

Back at Lulu’s wedding extravaganza, the big day has finally arrived, and Jen is less than thrilled to find out that she’s been roped into tedious bridesmaid duties, and that guy she’s walking down the aisle with? Yeah, he’s a dog. Literally, he’s a small dog. So no, this isn’t a great wedding for Jen.

After consuming one too many drinks at the cash bar, Jen flirts with Josh. And Jen likes it — because Josh is here to talk to her, not to She-Hulk. She starts to drone on about how she just wants someone to ask how she is, not about She-Hulk, and wants to be amazing in her own skin. Not the green skin.

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