The times have definitely transformed since Windows 98. Many people say that computers have become more efficient and simpler to use. What would you do if your computer were to be a bit slow, and perhaps a little more difficult to utilize?

Hings You’ll Need to Create an Retro Windows 11

This method is not for those with weak hearts. We’ll require a range of tools to ensure we use a traditional theme on every inch that we can. And at minimum, one of these tools comes with a premium version and the option of a trial period for free.

That said Let’s get everything you’ll need. To make it simpler on your own, transfer all of these files into one folder.

WindowsBlinds 11 and Skin Pack

Go to the WindowBlinds 11 webpage and download the initial program. It also requires a custom skin pack that goes with it. This is available on the WinCustomize site.

Winaero Tweaker

Winaero Tweaker is a vital application, and we’ll use it for lots of things. Go to this Winaero Tweaker Download page for more information, then head over onto the DeviantArt page to download the Windows 95 icon set to be used with it.


Open-Shell-Menu, which can be found at the Open-Shell page on GitHub It’s a useful application to have. We’ve previously used it to create Windows 10 look like Windows XP. The program is able to make huge changes to the design of Windows and Windows XP, which is why it’s worth having even if you do not want to keep the traditional theme around.


RetroBar is pretty straightforward to explain. It’s crucial to ensure that our taskbar is looking exactly right and also bring back the functionality of our taskbar. Another program may be beneficial apart from its timeless appearance. Look it up at the RetroBar GitHub page and download it.

Desktop Sidebar

This option could be a bit optional If you’re not a fan of the often-forgotten Channel Bar, but if you want to, head over on this page for downloads to download the Desktop Sidebar to add it to your collection.

Windows 98 Sound Pack

The last, and most important is the sound package. It is possible to import it directly in the form of a sound scheme however, it will require some effort later. Install the sound scheme via Blockland Glass and we are able to start.

1. Install WindowBlinds 11 and Skin Pack

Then, install WindowBlinds 11 using its .exe file. Once it’s installed you can double-click on the Windows Classic.wbafile that you downloaded. Classic.wbafile that you downloaded earlier. This will load the skin in WindowBlinds 11.

Then, open the program. If you’ve never bought it, just enable the trial trial to proceed.

Your theme will be located in the at the bottom on the page of themes. Select the theme you like and apply the style to your Desktop. It will take just a couple of minutes.

Now you’ll have a general color layout however, it’s not there yet.

2. Install Open-Shell-Menu

Open-Shell-Menu, another simple installation that requires the help of an EXE file. Once it’s installed you’ll be able to use it to accomplish two things.

First, you must firstly, enable first, enable Classic Style from the main menu. This will alter the Start Menu to appear more traditional. However, you’ll need to go into the Skin menu and change the option up to Classic Skin for it to truly look like the real thing.

The other thing we’ll need to fix is to correct this Start Menu icon. It’s not necessary in case you’re satisfied with the icons that WindowBlinds 11 has set up however, it could be slightly more authentic in comparison to this.

We’ll require an image that represents the icon from the Classic Shell first and we’ll be using an image that is hosted on the Classic Shell forums. Simply right-click and save the image.

After that, click the the Replace Button and choose then the option to customize theoption. Choose Picture will open an Explorer window. From there, you will be able to select the image that you have saved.

This creates a very realistic-looking, authentic looking starting Menu as well as an icon.

3. Install RetroBar

RetroBar will immediately make a impact the moment you start it. You’ll see that it instantly transforms your taskbar into the classic design, with separate tabs for each program.

To alter the settings in this program, you need to right-click on your new taskbar and click the Properties.

From here , you can modify the theme to your preferences, but it’s launched with the Windows 98 theme applied out of the box There’s not that much you’ll have to do in this regard.

4. Install Classic Sounds

We’re getting somewhere in the present. The next step is the classic sounds, which are somewhat difficult to set up.

Begin by extracting the file somewhere it is best to put it within the same folder you’re using to store the other files.

Then, you can open the new menu and look for the system sound. Open Change system sounds.

Adjust the Sound Planto None and then glance towards the bottom of your window.

You’ll find an alphabetical list of words that are correlated to file names of this soundpack. For instance, Asteriskcorresponds with Win98_asterisk.wav.

Click on one from these audio files and press to browse. Navigate to the appropriate sound and then apply the sound.

Continue this procedure for the remaining items or until you’re completely satisfied. The 15 most popular tunes together and they contribute much to the nostalgic experience.

5. Desktop Sidebar

Let’s create something more obscure. By using Desktop Sidebar that we can use to mimic Windows 98 Channel Bar. Windows 98 Channel Bar. Start this .exe in order to download the Desktop Sidebar to install it.

If this program launches the first look of the sidebar may not appear very traditional. Let’s make it better. Right-click the sidebar, and then click options. Then, click Appearance.

Adjust your skin according to Old Win-style using Szaoservices. Now it should appear a lot like the image in the above picture and blend seamlessly with the other parts on your computer.

6. Winaero Tweaker

Through WinAero Tweaker, we’ll be making some final adjustments. Install this program using .exe and then utilize the search bar inside the program to search for the next options.

  • The Alt + Tab classic dialog
  • Set the classic Volume Control to on.
  • Use balloon tool tips
  • Take shortcut arrows out of the way

All of these are small adjustments that bring the design like older designs. In the next step, we’re likely require the icon pack that we downloaded previously, so be sure you extract it also.

It is possible to change many icon icons on Windows to classic icons , without Winaero Tweaker. In reality, you’ll need to alter icons by using the built-in method that we outline in our article on changing the look of Windows icons.

But, there’s one icon that you are able to alter by using Winaero Tweaker.

Look up the word libraries and then open the Customize Libraries Items. From here you are able to click browse and then replace that Libraries icon with the Windows 98 equivalent. The Libraries icon is often seen across Windows and setting it to a traditional look will help keep in line with the old-fashioned look.

7. Performance Tweaks for Authenticity

This is a choice and completely unpractical, however If you want to experience the most authentic experience possible it is possible to eliminate some of the performance settings.

Search Windows performance within the Start menu (don’t forget to click it!) and then click to adjust your appearance as well as performance for Windows.

In the new screen, select to adjust for the best performance. Make these adjustments and you will experience an experience that’s accurate to the times of the past.

The product’s final look and feel is impressive when you browse and navigate menus. It will feel like home when you’re a child of these old-fashioned Windows versions.

What’s New Is Old on Windows

With all the modifications, you may not be able to tell the difference between Windows 11 and the classic operating systems that were in the past.

You may notice immediately that, despite the performance improvements it is slow to get around. It is possible to attribute a couple of decades of technological advancement for the shift.

While browsing through your old PC, take a second to take note of how customizable Windows can be.