Pet owners can find solutions for ‘bad’ pet behaviors

Dr. Cynthia Maro

Many pet owners complain of behavior problems in their pet dogs and cats, but often either accept them as a necessary evil or just let them go on when their attempts to correct the animals are not effective.

Instead of giving up, owners need to learn the why’s and how’s of effective animal communication AND be consistent with retraining. Most behavioral problems can be improved or completely resolved.

Hitting, yelling and repeatedly telling your pets to stop doing something that doesn’t work. Spraying your pets with water may interrupt or startle your pets, but it is not an effective long-term training tool.

Some behaviors have underlying medical problems associated with their onset, while other negative patterns have been inadvertently reinforced (by owners who haven’t understood their pet’s communications). Like the parent who gives her toddler a cookie every time she is on the phone and the child starts crying, pets learn how to manipulate to get attention, treats and food.

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