National Pet Week – In The Pacific NW Dogs Rule and Cats Drool

Well, that was weird!

The Townsquare Home Office has shut down my search for a post on pets!

Off-limits Email

I just got an email that basically read –

with the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show coming up in a month, here’s the result of a survey to determine which state’s pet owners prefer dogs versus cats.

I thought that sounded interesting to share, so I clicked on the survey and was instantly WARNED that I couldn’t go there because the site compromised our corporate off-limits GAMBLING category. Hey, I just wanted to write a story, not place a bet on whether you would read it or not!

Not to be deterred, I found other sources because I WILL WRITE THIS POST!

Pets Returning To Normal Life After Covid-19 Pandemic

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National Pet Month Is On

June is just 11 days away and June is National Adopt a Rescue Cat Month…and we have 2! And on top of that, we’re in May and May is National Pet Month which covers all the furry, feathery, leathery, finny, funny pets … including dogs…and we have 2.

So, if that’s not a semi-weak but legitimate reason to investigate pet populations in a post, then I don’t know what is!

So a hunting I did go for pet ownership info for the Pacific Northwest and here’s what I found (according to Pawlicy Advisor )

New Laws For Pet Welfare To Come Into Force

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NW Pet Ownership By The Numbers

Washington Pet Ownership Stats

  • 62.7% of Washington households own a pet.
  • 42.8% of Washington households owned a dog.
  • 30.5% of Washington households owned a cat.

Oregon Pet Ownership Stats

  • 59.2% of Oregon households owning a pet.
  • 37.8% of Oregon households owned a dog.
  • 30% of Oregon households owning a cat.

Idaho Pet Ownership Stats

  • 69.9% of Idaho households own a pet.
  • 33.3% of Idaho households owned a dog.
  • 34.4% of Idaho households owning a cat.

US Pet Ownership Snapshot

SUMMARY OF FINDINGS (according to Zippia)

  • 85 million or 67% of American homes include a pet.
  • 63.4 million or 53% of American households own dogs.
  • Most homes only own one dog. Sorry fido, no friend for you.
  • $1,126 is the average amount pet owning household spends on their pets each year.
  • Married couples with no children spent the most on their pets, while couples with young kids spend the least.
  • The most dog loving state is Arkansas, where 48% of households own a dog.
  • Southern states dominate the top 10, while Northeastern states own the bottom 10.
  • Only 9 states have more cat owners than dog owners- 5 of them are in the northeast.
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