Man insults pastor Joel Osteen to his face in shocking viral TikTok

A TikTok of a man calling pastor Joel Osteen a “Piece of S***” to his face is going viral.

The video shared on the platform has garnered both praise and criticism from its users. It has over 6 million views at the time of writing this article.

The viral clip also shows the Houston pastor’s reaction to the man’s remarks.

Screenshot via ‘NickandSoph’ | TikTok

Man insults Joel Osteen to his face on TikTok

The viral video appeared on the TikTok account named ‘nickandsoph’ on December 6 (Monday).

It sees the user posing with the wealthy pastor for a video but ends up calling him a “Piece of S***” unexpectedly.

“Here with Joel Osteen,” the TikToker says as he starts recording. The 58-year-old pastor poses with the user, smiling brightly in the video.

“Hey man you know you’re a piece of s***’ right,” the user says and Joel laughs off the remark and walks away. “You know right,” the TikToker asks again as the pastor walks away laughing.

The clip left many viewers flabbergasted because what seemed like a fan video for Joel at the beginning, aged unexpectedly.

Screenshot via ‘NickandSoph’ | TikTok

User fired from job after viral video

After the viral video blew up, the TikToker posted an update video on December 7 (Tuesday). He revealed in the clip that he lost his job as a result of all the attention his video with the pastor revealed.

“Hey everyone, thank you so much for all the support on the video,” the user said. “With all that attention, I got fired this morning,” he continued, “so if anyone wants to buy me that beer, now would be a great time.”

The update video received a lot of comments from his followers with many sending hopeful messages.

TikTok reacts to the video

The video has had mixed reactions in the comments.

Some people are praising his actions, with one person writing “you’re the GOAT for this one” and another saying: “Probably the greatest video on TikTok right now”.

Another wrote “I think this is the best video I’ve ever seen” whilst another said: “Not all heroes wear capes”.

However, others have been slamming him, with one commenting “why would you do this to anyone?” and another saying: “This was out of line.”

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