Kentucky dog ​​gets a salty attitude when told he can’t play outside

Our dogs are as part of our family as our children. If you think about it, there are many similarities. We have to take care of them by sheltering them, feeding them, taking them to the doctor, playing with them, educating them and giving them love. We also have to deal with their discipline, give them boundaries, and deal with their petty situations.

See, super similar. One is just more hair than the other.

Just like kids, each of your pets has different personalities. Everyone has their own needs and dislikes.

Take Bane, for example. He is an incredibly handsome and sexy dog. Bane lives in Owensboro with my friend TJ and her family.

When Bane wants something, he won’t give up until he gets it. He will verbally argue with his bark, ignore TJ, walk back and forth, and even hide behind the sofa.

TJ posted a video of Bane trying to get her to let him out. In the video, you can see that it is very frustrating. Keep in mind that this conflict lasts for 6 hours.

I refuse to let him out because, number one, it’s raining, and number two, he just wants to go out to chase a rabbit around the yard.

As for the look on his face and in his eyes, he wouldn’t let anything stop him from getting out, especially TJ.

It’s funny the way TJ and Bane go back and forth. He acts like a cranky kid who can’t take his friends over for the night. Or, a toddler who can’t eat candy at the store.

take a look. Bane is completely personal.

TJ gave me some info about her amazing dog.

He’s 6 years old… he’s always in a good mood and will scream and scream if he doesn’t get what he wants. We have to keep the window blinds in the living room up when we go out during the day because he is so social that he loves to talk to people who walk daily in our neighborhood. In fact, people will stop and wave to him.

Oh, Payne! You are a good boy.

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