Jihyo reacts as fan brings photo of her meme face to the concert

TWICE’s Jihyo’s expression became a meme and recently, the singer was left speechless as a fan decided to bring a photo with the same.

The band is currently busy performing for their fans and the event turned out to be interesting when one of the fans decided to surprise Jihyo by bringing a cutout of her famous meme face.

We must say, it was a good way to catch the attention of the idol as the efforts of the fan did not go unnoticed. Jihyo and the other members were quick to notice it and even reacted to the meme.

Origin of the meme face explored

The photo that has now become a meme was taken in August 2021 when TWICE’S member Sana decided to go live with the fans.

While she was having a good time with the fans, Sana decided to include Jihyo into the conversation. Unfortunately, Jihyo was not aware that Sana was on live.

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Sana was quick to ask Jihyo to make a “pretty face” and unaware that a live was going on, Jihyo decided to burst into a funny reaction. Needless to say, it was seen by all the people who were on live.

Within seconds, screenshots of the picture went viral on social media and people were quick to create memes out of it. While Sana tried to control the situation by quickly turning the phone into herself, it did not stop people from making memes of Jihyo.

Fan brings the famous meme to the concert

It looks like fan decided to do something extraordinary as they brought a cutout of Jihyo’s famous meme. In fact, the photo was big enough for everyone to see.

With this in mind, it did not come as a surprise that Jihyo spotted the photo even when the place was crowded with fans. In fact, Jhya was left speechless and didn’t know how to respond.

However, after taking a moment, the singer tried to recreate the iconic meme while performing. While it may not have been as good as the previous one, fans sure were happy to see the singer try.

Fans react to the video

The video of Jihyo reacting to the meme photo quickly went viral on TikTok as several people shared similar content. Meanwhile, others took to Twitte to comment on the same. Below are some of the reactions seen online:

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