James Charles loses over 30 million followers on TikTok

James Charles has been entertaining people on TikTok for a long time and had nearly 36 million followers on the platform. However, recently, he revealed he has lost over 30 million followers.

The makeup mogul has been using social media platforms to reach out to his fans while giving them a glimpse of his upcoming makeup line. At the same time, he has collaborated with other celebrities and artists on various platforms.

On June 2, James shocked everyone when he revealed that he had lost over 30 million followers on the platform and all this happened in a day.

James Charles’ TikTok video explored

James took to social media to talk about what happened and posted a video for the same. In the short clip, he notes: “me making TikToks and having 36 million followers that I love and appreciate” while showing a happy face. The video is then followed by James feeling confused as his follower count now shows “5 followers.” The social media influencer writes: “somehow losing every single one of them.’

As of now, the video has received over a million views, and with it, James’ followers have also been increasing. At the time of writing, James had over 4k followers. It looks like people have been following the social media star once again after his video went viral.

Why did the YouTuber lose so many followers?

It appears to be a glitch in TikTok as it is hard for someone to lose over 30 million followers in a day. This comes days after some people had been noting that filters were not working on TikTok. At the same time, the app had been down a couple of days ago.

It is possible that James has not lost the followers but the glitch makes it appear that he only has a few. A couple of months ago TikTok users had noted that their follower count was showing as zero even though they had several thousands of them.

It can be said that James is experiencing a similar situation. It is possible for the social media star to see his number back up in a couple of hours or a few days.

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What is the YouTuber up to these days?

Going by James’ Instagram, it appears that the social media star is busy enjoying his life while working on new content. His last post reveals he had organized “Camp Charles” for his birthday and had invited his close friends to spend some time together.

Right from cutting cakes, eating food, playing a number of games, and several other things, James proved it to the world that he is a genius when it comes to organizing parties.

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