I wanted revenge on my neighbor’s barking dog — so I put ‘Who let the Dogs Out’ on repeat

“Alexa, play ‘Who Let the Dogs Out’ by Baha Men, on repeat, for as long as you can.”

TikTok user Saphire Jess is going viral for the passive-aggressive method she’s allegedly using to try and get her neighbor to shut their dog up.

“PETTY LEVEL: When your neighbors dog barks from 5 pm until 3 am every. damn. day,” she wrote in text over a video of her face in a dark room with obnoxious barking in the background.

“Keeping yours and your neighbors babies and kids awake ALL NIGHT and it starts to affect your sons schooling,” she continued. “Talked to them and they said its old so they won’t try to stop it … called the ranger – nothing was done for six months…

“So you take things into your own hands, sitting a speaker on the fence while house sitting for the other 4 houses surrounding, playing this for 6 hours straight as they sleep for their night shift…hehehe.”

The TikTok starts with Jess in a dark room, recording the loud dog’s barking.

The video then switches to Jess lip-syncing to the infamous — and semi-annoying — 2000 Baha Men tune.

Many commenters sided with her pettiness, with one writing: “As a dog owner, I fully support you doing this. Anyone who allows their dog to bark continuously is a PROBLEM. Take care of and train your pets.”

“If u don’t get to sleep neither do they,” another wrote with several clapping hands emojis.

“Haha my neighbors dog used to non stop bark all day and night, started yelling over the fence at it to shut up … has been surprisingly effective,” another offered.

Other users questioned whether Jess had approached the neighbors to talk about the issue in person before calling them out on social media.

“Is it because they are away at work? Mine did that when at night duty,” one user asked. “I had no idea until I got an anonymous letter. Now he stays inside.”

The video then switches to Jess lip-syncing the 2000 tune outside.
The video then switches to Jess lip-syncing the 2000 tune outside.

“Unfortunately we had all gone to see them at least 20 times between all of our neighbors and they said [the dog’s] old so they won’t do anything,” Jess replied.

“Poor dog,” one commenter sympathized with the animal.

“I feel bad for it too, it’s probably super lonely in the cold and dark every night,” Jess agreed. “This is 100% the human neighbors doing and they need to do better.”

Jess also posted a follow-up video, showing that she added “Dog” by Big Block Singsong and “Petty Squad” by Star Keisha to her “F––k Neighbors Dog” playlist.

“Update: happened again so I added some songs to the list it’s now been 4 months and haven’t heard it for more than 10 minutes at a time. Think I got the message across.”

“Was I the Karen?” she asked.


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