How to watch the Puppy Bowl 2022: Time and channel

It’s a dog eat dog world, especially at the annual Puppy Bowl.

These competing canines are ready to ruff each other up — albeit playfully — in an event nearly as big as the human Super Bowl.

Who cares that the Los Angeles Rams will take on the Cincinnati Bengals? The real focus is on Rob Gronchowski and Ted D. Bear going snout to snout in Sunday’s bowl game.

The two teams, Ruff and Fluff, are vying for the “Lombarky” trophy, the highest honor of any canine championship.

“It’s like a zoo when you’re watching the Puppy Bowl, it’s a little bit of everything,” Puppy Bowl referee Dan Schachner told The Post.

For another year, Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg will bark the play-by-plays of the slobbery extravaganza.

There’s only one rule in Puppy Bowl: drag a toy into the end zone to score a touchdown. Any other calls, Schachner added, are made up as they go.

Moby, the French bulldog from Harley’s Haven Dog Rescue in Perkasie, Pennsylvania, is the captain of Team Ruff.
discovery+/ Animal Planet/ ‘The

“They’re fast and loose rules,” he said. “It’s kind of crazy, but it’s controlled chaos.”

But the furry frenzy isn’t just for laughs. Since the Puppy Bowl’s creation nearly two decades ago, the goal hasn’t just been to win — the best prize is a forever home.

Schachner — who is both a referee and a voice for the precious pooches — said the adoption rate of every Puppy Bowl is 100%, and he hopes they’ll meet that goal for the 18th time.

When is the Puppy Bowl?

Watch man’s best friends duke it out in Puppy Bowl XVIII — a three-hour paws-itively cute bonanza — Sunday, Feb. 13, at 2 pm, ahead of Super Bowl LVI.

What channel is the Puppy Bowl on?

The tail-wagging event, which will stream exclusively on discovery+, will air live on Animal Planet.

Where is Puppy Bowl filmed?

The slobbery showdown takes place at New York City’s Geico Stadium, where precious pups from multiple states come together for the ulti-mutt showdown.

Unlike the NFL’s Super Bowl, the Puppy Bowl actually takes place over the course of a week, to ensure the safety of all animals involved, Schachner said.

puppy bowl contestant
Border collie Storm is a proud member of Team Fluff.
discovery+/ Animal Planet/ ‘The

There’s the kitty halftime show, cheerleading troupes made up of farm animals and furry co-referees. In years past, chickens, sloths and skunks have made guest appearances on-screen, but to keep the participants safe, they have to film the animals separately.

Who’s who in the Puppy Bowl lineup?

The 188 participating pooches will compete as teams Fluff and Ruff in the big game.

How can I adopt a puppy from the Puppy Bowl?

Viewers can request adoption through the event’s website, where they can also view the lineup and vote for the best players.


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